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Portal VACIS

Portal VACIS® Imaging System

Compact, high-throughput container imaging for ports and border crossings.

Portal VACIS® imaging system helps trained operators see the contents of closed containers, assisting them in intercepting weapons, contraband, and other items of interest and verifying shipping manifests. Patented drive-through technology lets trucks drive through the system without stopping, providing an effective solution for high-traffic situations where lengthy manual inspection processes are impractical or undesirable.


Combining compact size and high-throughput scanning with imaging technology proven in hundreds of VACIS systems installed around the globe, the Portal VACIS system is an ideal imaging solution for ports, border crossings, or wherever high-throughput scanning is required.

Full-vehicle scanning: Portal VACIS FullScan system provides the added capability to scan entire vehicles from bumper to bumper, all the way down to ground level — including occupants.


The Portal VACIS imaging system can be factory-configured to operate in one of two modes. In stop-and-go mode, vehicles stop before entering the system, which may support additional inspection scenarios. In high-throughput continuous scan mode, 150 or more trucks with containers can move through the system per hour under their own power without stopping — only the container is scanned, never the driver.

The Portal VACIS system's unique dual gamma-ray source configuration images cargo from top to bottom, yet the system is small enough to be installed in most existing traffic lanes. In most cases, the system can be fully integrated with existing driver and vehicle identification systems, weigh-in-motion scales, radiation portal monitors and terminal operating systems.

Leidos' patented detector technology allows trained inspectors to see the contents of closed containers through as much as six inches of steel. The system's direct radiation dose per scan to cargo is extremely low, and the scatter dose to drivers, operators, and bystanders (who are never scanned directly) is even lower.


Leidos is a world leader in nonintrusive imaging technology, with hundreds of systems installed for government and commercial clients around the world. Every VACIS system is backed by our dedicated installation, training, maintenance and technical support.

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