Reveal CT-80DR+



Reveal CT-80DR+

Reveal CT-80DR+ Baggage Inspection System

X-ray imaging and automatic explosives detection for checked baggage.

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The Reveal CT-80DR+ combines powerful dual-energy X-ray CT imaging with proven explosives-detection technology to provide outstanding threat-detection capabilities with a very low false-alarm rate. With its high performance, compact size and low cost, the CT-80DR+ is a highly effective and economical security solution for airports and other passenger facilities.

High Performance

  • Automatic explosives detection: The CT-80DR+ uses unique dual-energy computed tomography (CT) technology to measure both density and atomic number. Field-proven analysis techniques use this data to automatically detect bulk, sheet, liquid and homemade explosives with high accuracy and a low false-alarm rate.
  • State-of-the-art imaging: The CT-80DR+ provides CT images with 1.5 mm pixel resolution, and projection images with 30 mm steel penetration, 1.0 mm line pair resolution (both per ASTM F792 01) and 1920 x 1200 video resolution. The CT-80DR+ also includes a powerful software application for analyzing images.
  • Algorithm switching: Operators can switch between detection algorithms in seconds.
  • International certification: The CT-80DR+ is certified by the world's most demanding security organizations, including agencies in the US, Europe and Israel.

Practical and Economical

  • Small footprint: The CT-80DR+ is the world's smallest certified explosives detection system (EDS), about the same size as conventional carry-on baggage systems — ideal for facilities with tight space constraints.
  • High throughput: The CT-80DR+ can scan up to 226 bags per hour, and its powerful threat-detection capabilities and low false-alarm rate minimize the need for rescans and manual inspections. With these features, the CT-80DR+ helps keep baggage moving at top speed.
  • Proven reliability: More than 600 CT-80DR-type systems are deployed worldwide, with combined overall availability of more than 99.5 percent.
  • Versatile use: The CT-80DR+ is designed for use in both inline and standalone installations.
  • Easy implementation: Thanks to its compact design, light weight and single-phase power, the system can typically be installed with little or no modification to existing conveyor systems or facilities. Standalone units can typically be installed in hours.
  • Simple operation: With its simple design and intuitive graphic operator station, the system is easy to use. Reveal training teaches inspectors how to operate the system and use the image-analysis software.

Optional Features

  • Multiplexing and networking: For added efficiency, the CT-80DR+ supports centralized image analysis and threat resolution, with multiple inspection machines and viewing stations connected on a high-speed network.
  • Master Control Station (MCS) with FDRS: The MCS lets users monitor and configure the EDS units and Reveal network. The fully integrated Field Data Reporting System (FDRS) provides system usage data in TSA FDRS format.
  • Oversize baggage: The optional CT-80+ XL configuration handles extra-long baggage — up to 2.5 meters (8 feet) long.

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