Exploranium SRPM-210



Exploranium SRPM-210

Exploranium® SRPM-210 Advanced Radiation Portal Monitor

Next-generation radiation detection and classification for vehicles and cargo.

The Exploranium SRPM-210 advanced radiation portal monitor (RPM) uses our unique passive scanning technology to detect, locate and classify nuclear material in cargo containers, trucks and other vehicles in the normal flow of checkpoint traffic. By automatically distinguishing potential threats from benign material, the system can significantly reduce the need for costly secondary inspections.


The SRPM-210 combines economical polyvinyl toluene (PVT) gamma detectors, a state-of-the-art digital spectrometer and an innovative threat-analysis algorithm to provide threat detection and classification capabilities at a fraction of the cost of spectroscopic systems.

The SRPM-210 is highly sensitive to potentially dangerous special nuclear material (SNM), even when shielded or masked by naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM), and effectively distinguishes SNM from NORM and medical and industrial isotopes. The system also classifies the radioisotopes in the vehicle as NORM, SNM, Medical or Industrial. These features enable authorities to clear more vehicles in primary inspection, significantly reducing the need for secondary inspection.

The SRPM-210 can scan hundreds of vehicles per hour while meeting the applicable portions of the challenging ANSI N42.35-2006 performance standard - all with a very low false alarm rate. The system also graphically displays the location of radioactive sources in the scanned vehicle to help inspectors search the vehicle in secondary inspection. With these features, the system can greatly expedite the entire inspection process.


The SRPM-210 includes an innovative technology that blanks radiation from pulsed x ray scanning systems, enabling the SRPM 210 to operate just a few meters from these scanning systems without false alarms.

The SRPM-210 uses the same PVT gamma detectors and many other components as our widely deployed AT 980 RPM, and has the same footprint, form factor and infrastructure. As a result, existing AT-980 systems can be upgraded to SRPM-210 in the field quickly and easily, and new SRPM-210 systems can be added easily to existing networked AT-980 installations.

Leidos is a world leader in radiation detection technology, with thousands of installations for government and commercial clients around the world. our world-class maintenance, training and technical support are available with every Exploranium system.

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