VACIS M6500 Mobile



VACIS M6500 Mobile

VACIS® M6500 Mobile Inspection System

A versatile, compact system for scanning vehicles and cargo.

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The VACIS M6500 system uses low-dose, dual-energy X-ray to scan trucks, cargo containers, cars and other vehicles. The system scans while stationary or in motion, and can even scan occupied vehicles. Detailed, color-coded images help inspectors locate weapons, explosives, drugs, undeclared cargo and other contraband.


The VACIS M6500 system offers a powerful combination of features.

  • Compact mobile platform: Mounted on a lightweight commercial truck chassis, the system works in tight spaces and drives on ordinary roads, typically without a commercial driver’s license.
  • Full-vehicle scanning: The system scans the entire target vehicle bumper-to-bumper, all the way down to the axles. It can also be configured to scan just the cargo, not the driver cab.
  • High throughput: Operating as a stationary portal, the system can scan 150 vehicles per hour or more, scanning automatically as they drive through without stopping. Scanning in motion, the system can scan 60 stationary vehicles per hour or more.
  • Low-dose X-ray: The system penetrates all but the densest cargo using a very low radiation dose. This low dose reduces the system’s operating footprint, increases throughput, and enhances safety.
  • Material discrimination: Color-coded images distinguish organic materials such as explosives and drugs from inorganic materials such as guns and shielded objects.
  • Scanning occupied vehicles: The system meets ANSI and IEC standards for scanning people in security operations.
  • Fast deployment: The system can be deployed for use or stowed for transport in about 10 minutes.
  • Entirely self-contained: The system operates using its own power generator or standard 220 VAC shore power.

Leidos is a world leader in nonintrusive inspection technology, with hundreds of systems installed for government and commercial clients around the world. Every VACIS system is available with our dedicated installation, training, maintenance and technical support.

With a controlled access area only slightly larger than the system itself, the VACIS M6500 system can be used in tight spaces. The system can travel on standard roads to get where it's needed and can be ready for use ten minutes or less after arrival.

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