Executive Summary


Corporate Responsibility

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

2015 was defined by strong progress against established goals.

GRI™ G4 Indicators reported in this section:

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Each year, the Leidos Corporate Responsibility Report takes stock of the progress and impact of our company across multiple areas that we deem important to our growth and sustainability. In 2015, we strengthened our exceptional workforce, maintained our focus on hiring veterans and wounded warriors, further reduced our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, refocused and enhanced our already strong ethics programs, and strengthened our engagement in the communities where we live and work.

The highlights below are just a few of our key accomplishments and successes in major focus areas during calendar year 2015.

Our People

  • We increased our diversity efforts in 2014 by instituting three new Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs are company-sponsored affinity organizations composed of employees who join together based on shared characteristics or life experiences. Leidos ERGs include the Military Alliance Group, the Women’s Network, and the Millennials. A fourth, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) ERG, was approved in 2015.
  • We expanded our development opportunities for employees by adding Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to our already broad range of tools and resources available to all employees. Leidos continues to offer more than 3,000 online courses at no cost to employees or their organizations on topics such as business, management and information technology.
  • 15 percent of our workforce are veterans, illustrating a strong affinity with the military, both in our lines of business and our workforce. For our Operation Military Veteran Program (MVP) efforts, we ranked #44 on the Military Times "Best for Vets" Employers for 2015, based on 2014 data and we remain focused on hiring veterans, including wounded warriors.
  • We further increased our focus on recruiting and retaining our most critical asset — our people. Our talent acquisition efforts improved through redesigned college outreach and strategic university alliance programs, as well as large-scale, diversity-focused marketing efforts to target candidates through job scraping, magazine ads, email campaigns, and more. Our Talent Resource Program works with staffing managers to match employees with open internal opportunities and our redeployment rate for affected employees has achieved an overall increase of 35 – 40 percent since 2009.

Our Communities

  • We made over $2.0 million in charitable donations and our employees contributed nearly 17,000 hours of their talent to a wide variety of company-sponsored causes, including STEM education, basic needs and wellness, ethics and leadership, and support to our military and intelligence personnel and their families.
  • Spanning seven years, Leidos has donated nearly two and a half million dollars to STEM education programs, and our employees logged over 7,000 volunteer hours alone to this cause in 2015. Leidos employees continue to help foster America's next generation of technical professionals.
  • During 2015, Leidos launched a new “Community Days” initiative, where the Company’s Engineering team worked to generate goodwill in the community and increase employee camaraderie. Thanks to nearly 2,000 volunteers hours and over $85,000 raised, Community Days benefitted 18 different local charities.

Our Environment

  • Between 2014 and 2015, we saw an additional 22% reduction in GHG emissions due to additional real estate restructuring, efficiency programs, and the increased use of renewable energy to power our owned facilities and improvements to the power grid.
  • Engineering News-Record ranks Leidos as among the Top 10 environmental management companies and the Top 10 design companies in solar and wind power nationwide
  • Leidos ranks green for setting current GHG reduction targets, and disclosing emissions and climate risks on the White House Federal Supplier Greenhouse Gas Management Scorecard.

We have a lot to be proud of when looking back on 2015. Our corporate responsibility report outlines the actions we pursued to help our company grow and become more sustainable. The report complies with the Global Reporting Initiative G4 Reporting Framework.