Energy consumption and supply are critically important to the global economy, security, and environment. That is why leading commercial, industrial, and government organizations have been turning to Leidos for nearly three decades for energy solutions.

Viable Energy Solutions

Leidos has a legacy of providing smart, viable, and sustainable energy solutions. Our deep domain expertise and multidisciplinary staff of scientists, technicians, engineers, and policy analysts have helped us become leaders in developing clean and renewable energy solutions. We help our clients stay ahead of industry trends and assist energy users in becoming more energy self-sufficient. We also help energy producers deliver cleaner alternatives to help engineer a sustainable and prosperous future.

Creating Energy Efficiency

We have helped create hundreds of energy-efficiency, demand reduction, and sustainability programs for commercial and government clients. The results are long-term, effective solutions that save cost, manage risk, and minimize environmental impacts associated with energy consumption.

Comprehensive Energy Services

Leidos provides comprehensive services to strategize, design, and implement energy solutions. Our energy services include:

  • Energy management - Leidos develops and implements energy programs to benefit our clients’ financial performance, competitive advantage, and market reputations. Our programs help unlock new value in enterprises by integrating sustainability into business strategic planning.
  • Microgrids - Leidos is positioned at the forefront of the microgrid market, providing government and commercial clients with holistic energy solutions that can maximize value across the project life cycle.
  • Oil, gas, and renewable/alternative energy - Leidos helps clients build, operate, and maintain oil, gas, renewable, and alternative fuels operations to maximize efficiencies and profits, and better manage change.
  • Renewable and clean energy - Leidos' deep domain expertise and our multidisciplinary staff of engineers and technicians help develop, build, and implement clean and renewable energy solutions for our clients.
  • Smart grid - Integrating the hardware, software, and business processes to deliver the benefits of a secure smart grid requires a special set of capabilities. Leidos delivers end-to-end solutions by developing a practical implementation plan and integration strategy that help utilities get the most out of their people, processes, and existing technology.
  • Transmission and distribution - The consistent and efficient delivery of power depends on a stable grid and a reliable electric system infrastructure. Leidos asset development and technical delivery experts guide customers in balancing today’s challenges with opportunities to develop smarter, more efficient energy solutions.