Precision Medicine

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Precision Medicine

Our deployable solutions in predictive care has accelerated the development of genomics platforms and advanced precision medicine. The term “genomics” encompasses technologies from sequencing an individual’s DNA, to using informatics for data management, security and analysis. Our expertise in precision medicine centers around security, cloud computing, integration of genomic and clinical data, interoperability, and researcher tools to access genomic data.

There’s a need to scale the science of studying genomics and relate aspects of individual genetic variations to disease and health. Advancements in precision medicine will revolutionize outcomes in healthcare for all involved. Some possibilities include:

  • Precision oncology will treat tumors based on genetic abnormalities that drive the cancer
  • Pharmacogenomics will advance our understanding of how genetic variations effect a patient’s response to medications
  • Rare disease diagnosis will find and identify new mutations with whole genome scans
  • Pre-disposition scans will find diseases through gene abnormalities before they strike
  • Risk-adjusted screening will reduce unnecessary tests based on your genetic risk

Learn how precision medicine is advancing disease treatment & prevention.

What is precision medicine and why is it important to the future of healthcare?

Find answers through our precision medicine infographic.