Ransomware Defense

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Ransomware Defense

In 2016, a new threat to healthcare has emerged on the national stage: Enterprise Ransomware. This is not the ransomware of 2014, which would infect a few units within a victim’s infrastructure and become a nuisance. This new version can be distributed on a massive scale hundreds or even thousands of computers simultaneously; holding entire hospitals hostage for weeks at a time.

Leidos thoroughly understands this new threat. Our Managed Security Service (MSS) in conjuncture with the advanced security technologies from RSA, helps our clients protect, detect, investigate, and recover from Ransomware attacks.

Phases of an advanced ransomware attack

Leidos Integrated Ransomware solution

Kill Chain Analysis and Security Roadmap Consultation

24x7 Monitoring from Leidos Advanced MSS SOC

RSA ECAT and Security Analytics

Enhanced Protection of Privileged Accounts

Leidos Incident Response Retainer

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