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Healthcare Technology

Are both your strategy and execution aligned for new IT systems? Are you investing in the right IT initiatives?

Healthcare Information Technology Solutions (HIT) have had primary goals for the quality, safety, delivery and efficiency of healthcare. Organizations have spent millions of dollars on products supporting clinical transformation intended to improve care and performance.

To realize its potential, HIT must go beyond system implementations and involve hardware, security, architecture, virtualization, and many other considerations essential to maximizing the investment. To say nothing of having new IT systems deliver to expectations.

  • Will your network meet the increased load of a new EHR?
  • Have you ensured that all your critical data is being backed up?
  • Is training and support adequate to foster physician adoption?
  • Does your IT team have all the adequate skills?
  • Are you connecting operations to your strategy … or executing projects independent of your strategy?  
  • Do you have a clear picture of your entire IT portfolio? Are there under-utilized or inefficient assets? 

Leidos technology experts can help you meet these IT transformation challenges. Our experience and methodologies can ensure you stay focused on moving forward by measuring and tracking progress toward your strategic goals. By prioritizing and aligning your projects, you can deploy capital effectively and use resources efficiently. We use our deep healthcare and health IT knowledge to define and assess technology infrastructure, as well as plan and manage its successful implementations. Use Leidos to make the right investments to meet your challenges today, and for the future.

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Meet your IT transformation challenges

  • IT planning for mergers and acquisitions 
  • Technology architecture storage and performance assessments
  • Develop a roadmap for success based on your strategic plan
  • Establish a cost/benefit mindset to optimize IT investments 
  • Project management and large scale system implementations 
  • Interface strategy, development and implementation
  • Regulatory and security risk assessment
  • Business continuity, back-up and recovery 
  • EHR readiness assessments
  • Vendor agnostic selection, negotiation and management
  • Wired and wireless network assessment and planning 
  • Virtualization assessments 
  • IT staffing (including interim)