5 Key Steps to Cloud Migration The Leidos Way

Comprehensive cloud services from Leidos can help your organizationunleash the power of the cloud with a value-driven migration strategy.Learn more at leidos.com/cloudContinuousmodernizationLow-cost maintenanceand sustainment through scaleArtificial Intelligence (AI)Operations monitoringMANAGE & OPTIMIZEContinuing the pattern of improvement with“Sustainment as a Service” –– maintenance, monitoring, and moreon hybrid cloudon publiccloud platformswill upload workloadto the cloud by 2020.5of enterprisesIL4/IL5/IL6 accreditedenvironmentsAWS GovCloud + MicrosoftAzure Government700,000+ usersHighly complex legacyapplications + newly developedcloud-native applications50 live applications, spreadacross Amazon Web Servicesand Microsoft AzureFor one U.S. military customer,the Leidos process successfully migrated:Leidos has completed more than1,000 public and private migrations• Secure cloud developmentenvironment ready in 24 hours• Data value unlocked• Cloud-native servicesMIGRATEMaking the big move to the cloud, driven by data and value determinedin previous phases, powered by repeatable processes and patternsAutomationSecDevOpsSecure cloudBUILDPutting structures in place to support security and automationthroughout your transformationApplication evaluationRepeatable,data-driven discoveryValue-based analysisand mappingDISCOVERCustomizing the approach for your organization’s unique environment84%of enterprisesrun on a multi-cloud strategy.4Goal creationData value strategyStakeholder alignmentExploration ofrequirements and issuesSTRATEGIZECreating the roadmap for your successful migrationThe Leidos Cloud Migration ProcessStreamline authority-to-operate approvalsCivil Government Customer: Reduced addressable securitycontrols from 296 to 30 due to inherited controlsReduce time to cloudU.S. Military Customer: 8 applicationsmigrated in 48 hoursReduce total cost of ownershipU.S. Government Agency: reduced costs fordevelopment and test environments by 75%With all this, we deliver unique benefits throughoutour value-driven cloud migration process.Speed and qualityOur agile software factories are coding centers of excellence—churningout secure, reusable code to solve complex problems using defined processes.Scale partners that augmentour internal software factoriesto enable quick responseswith vetted resourcesNiche partnerswith industry-leading skillsCloud Service ProvidersUnleash the power of the cloud with LeidosLeidos combines experience and capabilities with valuable partnerships:According to market estimates, more thanhalf of organizations don’t have a systemfor monitoring, managing, or securingcloud applications.3Even in 2020, cloud initiatives are expectedto account for70%of all tech spending.280%of organizationsare predicted to migrate toward cloud,hosting, and colocation services by 2025.1Cloud is coming. Are you ready?The right migration strategy unlocks the value of the cloudfor your enterprise while managing cost and maintaining speed.Not all migration strategies can manage that.5 Key Steps to Cloud MigrationThe Leidos Way