Assured Positioning Navigation and Timing (APNT)

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Assured PositioningNavigation and Timing (APNT)How Leidos provides a mission-critical capabilityFor APNT data in military operations,the stakes are high.Mission success in a contested environment depends on APNT datathat is both accurate and continuously available.Precisely locating a vehicle, projectile,or squad member can be essential tocompleting a critical mission.Even a small navigation error cancompromise the ability to avoid threats,find targets, and maintain safety.Missions aborted due to lack of positiondata also have tactical and cost impacts.Relying on GPS alone can leavecritical missions suddenly blind.Geographical conditions like terrain, structures, and foliage cancause disruption, but GPS can also be distorted or jammed byadversaries as part of a hostile action.GPS signal strength at Earth's surface:10-16WEquivalent to someone in Los Angeles receiving the light froma 60W light bulb in New York110W GPS jammer range:94.2 miles2Suspected GPS spoofing incidents sinceFebruary 2016:9,8833Critical operations require precise and reliable positioning andnavigation awareness, and GPS can't do it alone.Leidos Assured Data Engine forPositioning and Timing (ADEPT)Leidos developed ADEPT to overcome these challenges. A resilientsoftware solution to APNT, ADEPT continues operating even whenGPS goes down, using machine learning and non-traditionalsensor data to continue to provide accurate navigation.Leverages software developed undermultiple DARPA projectsFunctions with or without access to GPSUses onboard or low SWAP-C sensorsand processorsLeverages latest reference database,including 3D terrainProven TechnologyReadiness Level9*Supported50+fielddemonstrationsDemonstrated accuracy<10-meter root-mean-square(RMS)*Proven through successful combat mission operationsThe ADEPT approachVideo Image SensorData Link Ranging SensorGPS SensorVision AidingBounds position error using bothimage-to-reference andframe-to-frame matchingCollaborative NavigationCalculate joint solution based onrelative ranges betweenplatforms3D Geodetic PositionMeasurementsCollaborative 3DPosition MeasurementsReferenceDatabasesSensor FusionNonlinear filter algorithm for combining inputs from all available sensorsSensor AnomolyDetectionNonlinearMeasurementsLinearMeasurementsLinear/NonlinearCross-Coupling EffectsState/UncertaintyOutput GenerationTrue positionADEPTGPS/INSAny platform, any sensor, anytimeOne code base acrossall domainsHardware agnosticPlug-and-playsensor interfacesAdvanced visionprocessingCollaborative and Signal ofOpportunity navigationusing RF signalsMultimodal particlefilter sensor fusionAcross all domains of battleAircraftUnmanned vehiclesGuided munitionSquad members on footNaval vesselWhether on the ground, in the air, or at sea, ADEPT rises tothe challenge, providing reliable navigation in GPS-deniedenvironments and supporting mission success.Learn more and contact the ADEPT team Measurement Handling