Cybersecurity on a Mission

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Cybersecurity on a MissionSecuring what’s importantCybersecurity is more important—and more complex—than ever before, especially for government agencies and large enterprises.84%of survey respondents consider cybersecurityvital to ensuring the continuity of agency functions1Even in an ever-changing threat landscape,cybersecurity goes hand-in-hand with innovation if you havethe right partner with the right approach.Leidos is a recognized leader in cybersecurity2,900+ cybersecurity certifications across the corporation30+ years of experience defending global cyber interests and protecting some of the world’s most valuable assetsHome to cyber’s top minds, valuable expertise, and proven processesSee how organizations like yours secure what’s important with Leidos.Leveraging technology as a force multiplier for our cyber analystsExperienced cyber analystsapplying consistent processesMore effective technologyto drive customer objectivesOptimized toolsInformed decision analysis supportEnhanced situational awarenessInnovationApplying advanced cyber automationSuccessful cybersecurity effectively uses high-quality data to outpace adversaries.LEIDOS EXPERTS:Apply advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning techniques to:Transform your organization’s defense strategyDramatically reduce the time it takes to detect a breachEnhance decision makingUse an adaptive-style approach focused on learning and automationBetter predict and prevent events before they occur64%of survey respondents areless than “very confident” in theiragency’s cybersecurity strength157%note that their agencies do notuse proactive cybersecurity methodssuch as penetration testing1Repeatable, proven methodsPACKIT: Proven Analytic-Centric Kill-chain Implementation & TransformationOur process provides a risk- and NIST-focused transformation to proactive defense by identifying and defeating Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) at the earliest stage of attack.With PACKIT, Leidos achieves superior results like these:Identified 10+ previously unidentified nation-state actor setsImproved sensor tuning, resulting in >50% reduction in false positives reportingIdentified 22 duplicative/under-performing tools for retirement, resulting in direct and immediate cost savings for the customer73%of survey respondents involved inIT predict that cybersecurity will be a higheror much higher priority in the future1Impactful transformationsWe’re on the cyber front linesUsing our cybersecurity maturity model, Leidos has led transformations for federal government Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and more than 20 geographically dispersed Fortune 500 commercial SOCsOur analysts operate 3 of the 4 largest federal SOCs with continuous support—every hour of every dayFor a U.S. Government Agency, we successfully implemented our cyber method within six months to quantify and track all advanced persistent threat activityLeidos currently supports the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)’s Global Information Grid Services Management Operation program to modernize Department of Defense communications and networksSuccessfully spearheaded the implementation of one of the world’s largest security gateways, the Joint Regional Security Stack (JRSS)Supported selection of best-of-breed tools for mitigation, detection, and network monitoring for a variety of cyber use cases1Safeguarding Network Security: A Candid Survey of Government Decision-Makers and IT Professionals,Government Business Council & Leidos, 2020
Leidos ensures an adaptive defense strategy and sustainable threat protection to outpace adversaries and secure what matters most to your organization.Contact us to learn more.