The Edge to Cloud Ecosystem

How Leidos brings the computational power of the cloud to where it’s needed most

From law enforcement to critical infrastructure to the battlefield or telehealth delivery, the work of government organizations and entities across industries today generates more data from more locations and devices than ever before. But that data can’t effectively inform critical decisions if you don’t have the ability to process and gain insight from it in near real time.

What if you could access the computing power of the cloud no matter where you are?

Leidos makes this possible by creating a shared digital ecosystem between mission space devices (the edge) and cloud service providers through the Leidos Edge to Cloud (E2C) capability.

What is edge to cloud?

The edge to cloud advantage

“Software Factory in a Box”

Leidos keeps the edge connected, secure, and lightweight.

Our technology and approach overcome key barriers to applying large-scale computing to hybrid environments, including:

Capture the power of the cloud with Leidos’ Edge to Cloud solution.

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