Agile Software on a MissionBetter software, at scale, faster. Software steers the modern world.In some environments––hospitals, airplanes, ground control stations––failed software can mean life or death. The U.S. federal government spent $9.1B on software in FY19, a 15% increase over the previous fiscal year. 1 Stakes this high demand agile software development that doesn’t sacrifice security. True agile development deploys mission-ready software continuously to your end-user. Few commercial software companies have successfully brought agile software development to the government. Our Software Factories Deliver at Scale Using SecDevOps Mission quality software at Silicon Valley speedOur SecDevOps approach puts security first in the development life cycle, bringing the speed and agility of a commercial startup to large, mission-critical systems. Cutting-edge software development for mission-critical operations Reduces fielding cycles >90% Modernizes applications 3x faster than traditional approaches Secure, quality deployments from next-generation software factories High-speed code production Trained software teams available at scale Well-defined processes Complex problem-solving Reusable code Collaboration across the business Better software, at scale, faster Software Development in action with Leidos U.S. Government Agency Modernized a legacy application in just four months, resulting in 83% faster performance Reduced fielding cycle on mission-critical application from 25 to 2 weeks Replaced and reduced more than 250 user interfaces (UIs) to 80 in a legacy application in under three months, resulting in 68% fewer windows/UIs and a more productive workforce U.S. Military Branch Modernized three mission-critical applications for a U.S. military branch 3 times faster than government estimates Commercial Hospital System Delivered a new healthcare application in less than three months, saving the hospital an estimated $22 million in the first year Delivered a cloud-hosted healthcare application in less than five months from contract signing, using a SecDevOps pipeline to make healthcare more efficient Components, people, and processes come together to deliver mission quality software at Silicon Valley speed.Contact us to learn more. Source | 1 Bloomberg Government