Security Detection on a Mission

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Security Detectionon a MissionFully integrated solutions. Fast, frictionless experience. Comprehensive security.Leidos is helping make trade and travel safer, healthier, and more efficient.Our comprehensive technology portfolio promotes efficiencywhile prioritizing top-tier security across:AviationPorts and bordersCritical infrastructureCutting-edge security systemsFastRapid screening of people, cargo, and vehicles with real-timethreat detectionFully integratedCombines leading screening technologies, AI/ML capabilities, andadvanced biometric tools to deliver holistic security detection solutionsFrictionlessAutomated, non-intrusive detection capabilities, delivering the highestlevel of threat detection while maintaining a seamless screening experience24,000 products across 120 countriesWe have it covered. With our broad portfolio, core technicalstrengths, experienced global service team, and robust R&Dinitiatives, Leidos addresses emerging and evolving threatsthrough rapid development of innovative solutions for ourglobal customers.AviationEnhancing the passenger experience with more secure,more efficient movement in airports worldwideOffering fully integrated and automated solutions for advanced screenings across:Checkpoint CTDelivering the highest levels of threatdetection and passenger conveniencewith high-performance CT technologyand advanced screening algorithmsExplosive Trace Detectors (ETD)Accurate, real-time detection ofexplosives and illegal narcoticsusing advanced Ion MobilitySpectrometry (IMS)Checked BaggageLeading supplier of explosivedetection technology with fullyintegrated and automated solutions,deployed around the globePeople ScannersTrusted to drive efficiency,increase passenger throughput, anddecrease false alarms to deliver alow-touch experience with thehighest security standardsTray Return SystemsOur fully-configurable automatedtray handling system, increasesthroughput rates and eliminatesmanual handling of trays tostreamline the baggagelane processIntegrated SystemsOpen architecture softwareplatform for providing scalable,turnkey security solutionsacross airportsPorts & BordersSafeguarding people and commerceSafeguarding the flow of regulated commerce through thesecure, efficientmovementof cargo, vehicles, and people through ports and borders worldwideTransforming security and detectionEffectively detecting andmitigating threats with innovativescreening technologies, commoninterface, and AI/MLRapidly detecting concealed threatsand contraband with technologiesranging from portable X-ray imagersto full-vehicle scannersVehicle and CargoInspection Systems (VACIS)Leading supplier of mobile, non-intrusiveinspection systems, with750deployedthroughout the world since 2000Radiation Portal MonitorsLeading supplier of radiationportal monitors for U.S. ports ofentry, with more than1,000systems installedCritical InfrastructureLeidos’ security detection solutions go beyondLeveraging many of the same trustedtechnologies used in aviation and bordersecurity toprotect public venues andcritical infrastructureDeliveringfully integrated,comprehensive, rapid, and frictionlessscreening technology at scale for people,cargo, and vehiclesAdvanced AI/ML and biometriccapabilities for automated,non-intrusive screeningIntegrated real-time situationalawareness to monitor threatsSecurity systems extensible to national security eventsand public venues, including:Transportation systemsEnergy & powerSensitive infrastructuresFor comprehensive security detection technologies that optimize speed,seamlessness, and satisfaction, choose Leidos.Learn more