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Our work in the United Kingdom includes providing innovative technology and solutions for some of the most complex problems in defence, healthcare, government, safety and security, and transportation.

Examples include managing and modernising critical infrastructures, applications and business processes for clients such as the Scottish Government, Ministry of Justice, NATS, National Health Service and the UK MOD’s £6.7 billion LCST programme. The success of this work in the UK and beyond shows that we are a trusted partner in the region and that our people can deliver innovative solutions to solve the most challenging problems.

Meet Matt Wiles, Chief Executive, Leidos UK

Our Capabilities

Defence Logistics

Transforming the defence supply chain, showing the whole picture as it happens.

IT Modernisation

Transforming systems, software and infrastructure for the digital age to drive more efficiency, greater insights and organisational agility.


We provide deep clinical and technical expertise to support our customers optimise technology to achieve greater efficiencies.

Airports & Air Traffic

Keeping the world's airspace and airports operating efficiently each and every day.

Data Analytics

Delivering actionable intelligence from multi-source data, providing insights that were previously unseen and supporting the most critical decisions.

Case Studies

Logistic Commodities & Services Transformation Programme

Logistic Commodities & Services Transformation Programme

Team Leidos will work with the MOD to modernise and transform the LCS organisation into a streamlined, end-to-end commodity support chain able to meet the Operational Commanders' requirements at the point of need. In making available comprehensive, meaningful and immediate management information, all stakeholders will be able to make informed decisions that will drive improvements in the support chain.

Our near-real-time data monitoring, reporting, and analysis will directly inform procurement decisions and allow for more accurate demand planning. The results will speak for themselves:

  • Inventory reduction;
  • Increased stock turns;
  • Reduced storage costs; and
  • A more efficient distribution process, all resulting in considerable savings over the life of the contract.
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Scottish Government Procurement Directorate

Scottish Government Procurement Directorate

Scottish Government Procurement Directorate
Scottish Government Procurement Directorate

Leidos provides Service Management for the Scottish Government flagship e-Procurement solution P2P (Purchase To Pay). Commencing in November 2011 after a successful service Transition period, Leidos embarked on an aggressive Transformation Programme of work for the Scottish Government that included a complete transfer of the hosted solution based in Boston, USA to the Scottish Government Saughton House Data Centre in Edinburgh. Leidos continues to deliver on a strong Service Improvement drive for the Scottish Government, based on a robust ITIL based Service Management framework and in line with the overarching strategic goals and priorities of the e-procurement business community in Scotland.

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Time & Distance Based Separation

Time & Distance Based Separation

NATS and Leidos have pioneered a product suite, Intelligent Approach, that blends technology and Air Traffic Control (ATC) expertise to enable airports to optimize approach spacing for aircraft through both distance-based and time-based separation.

Intelligent Approach has been deployed at London’s Heathrow Airport since March 2015 with impressive results.

The technology has also been recognized in the industry by winning a series of awards including:

  • Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Transport Award
  • IHS Jane’s ATC Awards, Runway Category
  • Single European Sky (SES) Award
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At Leidos we help protect some of  the nation’s most critical infrastructure, operate systems that keep our military moving and transform how the government interacts with its citizens. Find your next challenge across the U.K. & Europe.

In the Community

With offices across Europe we’re committed to supporting STEM education, enriching communities and  supporting charitable causes local to our operations.

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Corporate Compliance

Leidos is committed to legal compliance and ethical business practices in all of our operations worldwide:

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