Exploranium AT-980



Exploranium AT-980

Exploranium® AT-980 Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM)

The AT-980 RPM is a fixed radiation-scanning portal that detects and locates radioactive material in trucks, containers and railcars.

The AT-980 radiation portal monitor (RPM) uses advanced passive scanning technology to detect and locate illicit nuclear material in cargo containers, trucks, and other vehicles in the normal flow of checkpoint traffic.


With its powerful yet economical detector technology, the AT-980 RPM can sense extremely low levels of gamma and neutron radiation in a single scan. Combining this outstanding performance with high throughput and safe, efficient operation, the AT-980 RPM is ideal for border crossings, ports, and other transit facilities.


The AT-980 RPM's safe, passive (non-emitting) scanning technology scans vehicles in the typical flow of checkpoint traffic without requiring them to stop or occupants to exit, permitting extremely high throughput. The system uses powerful yet economical detectors, sophisticated analysis techniques, and low-noise signal processing to provide enhanced sensitivity to low level sources, meeting applicable portions of the challenging ANSI N42.35-2006 standard. The AT-980 is highly sensitivity to radioactive threats, yet rejects naturally occurring radioactive materials, achieving a false alarm rate better than 1:10,000. And, like previous Exploranium products, the AT-980 is easy to use and operator-friendly.


Leidos is a world leader in radiation detection technology, with thousands of installations for government and commercial clients around the world. Every system is available with our dedicated installation, training, maintenance, and technical support.

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