Exploranium ST-20



Exploranium ST-20

Exploranium® ST-20 Spectroscopic Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM)

The ST-20 RPM is a fixed spectroscopic radiation-scanning portal that detects, locates and identifies radioactive material in trucks, containers and railcars.

ST-20 Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) detects and identifies nuclear material in trucks, containers, railcars and other vehicles in the normal flow of traffic — meeting or exceeding challenging ANSI performance standards. Combining outstanding performance with high throughput, the ST-20 is a powerful, practical scanning solution for busy cargo facilities.


The ST-20 RPM can sense extremely low levels of gamma and neutron radiation, with a false-alarm rate better than 1:10,000. In compliance with the ANSI N42.38-2006 standard, the ST-20 RPM can identify a wide variety of nuclides — including materials that could be used in a nuclear weapon or "dirty bomb," even when they are heavily shielded or masked.

To help keep traffic flowing, the ST-20 RPM can scan vehicles in the normal flow of traffic at gates or other checkpoints. A single ST-20 supervisor workstation can control up to 32 RPMs. Easy-to-use operator software provides alarms, scanning displays, radiation measurements, vehicle images and more. Scanning data and images are integrated in the system database for easy access.


The ST-20 RPM can greatly reduce manual inspections by distinguishing potential weapon material from likely benign sources, and can speed up manual inspections by showing the location of radioactive sources within the vehicle.

Leidos is a world leader in RPM technology, with over 5,000 installations for government and commercial clients around the world. Every RPM is backed by our dedicated installation, training, maintenance and technical support.

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