VACIS GT Trailer-Mounted



VACIS GT Trailer-Mounted

VACIS® GT Trailer-Mounted Scanning System

The VACIS GT Trailer-Mounted Scanning System is a rugged system for scanning vehicles and cargo in remote locations.

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The VACIS GT system is a rugged, highly mobile system for scanning passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and other vehicles at remote or ad hoc sites, even in hostile environments.

With its trailer-mounted design, the system can be towed to an inspection site by a light vehicle and readied for use in minutes. The high-throughput system scans vehicles from bumper to bumper and roof to axles in seconds to provide detailed images of their contents.


Based on our simple, field-proven gamma-ray imaging technology, the VACIS GT system combines high-quality imaging, low cost, and efficient, reliable operation.

The VACIS GT system consists of a gamma-ray source on an electric cart and a detector tower on a sturdy trailer. The source cart stows aboard the detector trailer for transportation.The system operates as a stationary portal, with target vehicles driving between the detectors and source.

A rugged notebook computer provides powerful, easy-to-use functions for operating the system and analyzing scan images. For added safety in high-risk environments, the system can be operated remotely.


With its trailer-mounted configuration, the VACIS GT system is independent of the transport vehicle, keeping the system in action during vehicle maintenance and reducing cost. The system can be towed by a variety of military and commercial light vehicles. The system can also be transported without disassembly by UH-60 or larger helicopter, or by C-130 or larger fixed-wing aircraft.

Thanks to our unique scanning technology, the VACIS GT system uses an extremely low radiation dose, enhancing safety for operators, vehicle occupants and bystanders. The system's radiation dose complies with the ANSI N43.17-2009 standard for scanning personnel in security operations.

Leidos has provided hundreds of VACIS imaging systems for customs, security and military applications around the world. Our global maintenance, training and technical support services are available with every VACIS system.

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