Enterprise Energy Dashboard



Enterprise Energy Dashboard

Enterprise Energy Dashboard (E2D)

The Enterprise Energy Dashboard (E2D) provides executive-level energy managers with a tool to quickly identify significant system variances and address them in a timely manner.

The E2D collects and analyzes data from multiple Energy Management and Control Systems (EMCS) and metering systems, providing an analytic and reporting gateway that focuses resources on the most critical energy issues affecting the enterprise on a daily basis. Our system utilizes an open architecture that allows its deployment regardless of legacy systems and entitles the end client to own the energy data that is collected.


Leidos designs, builds, and implements energy management solutions that help reduce costs and streamline operations to help clients address the unprecedented changes and volatility in today's global energy market. Our energy experts have helped federal, state, and private clients reduce costs, streamline operations, and increase effectiveness. In addition, Leidos analysts and engineers have helped evaluate hundreds of energy efficiency programs for numerous clients.


The E2D is a thin-client software solution designed to overlay traditional EMCS and advanced metering systems. This is important, as most enterprises have a multitude of non-compatible energy systems in their facilities, requiring multiple computers and skill sets to manage. The E2D allows a single point of entry and a common look and feel for energy management across the entire enterprise. It also enables clients to easily leverage their energy best practices across the entire enterprise.

Simple color codes tell you what you need to know in seconds. Leidos built the E2D to process raw data from an organization's operations and compare it to historical data, budgets, and known metrics. Using simple traffic light colors, the E2D helps enable senior-level energy managers to understand how energy is being spent in real time, eliminating the delays caused by monthly analysis that cost time, money and resources. This tool, updated hourly, allows managers to visualize energy use, recognize inefficiencies, and identify energy savings opportunities.


Unlike a traditional EMCS, the E2D tracks metrics, sorts them by their scorecard status, and identifies energy inefficiencies. This allows managers to focus time and resources on resolving the issues that provide the greatest cost reduction and operation efficiency.

A traditional EMCS reports the operating status of equipment, as do advanced metering systems. These traditional systems rely on rigorous analysis and cross-referencing by experts in order to interpret current conditions and identify what needs to be addressed. This process can take days, weeks or months. E2D transcends this approach by tracking and reporting equipment status and consumption variances on an hourly basis, providing a real-time tool to enterprise-level managers to mitigate energy risk.

Technical Specifications


  • E2D is fully interactive
  • Little or no formal training needed to identify issues
  • Allows user to deploy resources where needed most
  • Passcode protected
  • Fully web-based, no plug-in needed
  • Pulls data from existing EMCS and other trending, monitoring, and control systems
  • Accesses relational databases

Integrates with:

  • Building Automation System
  • Energy Management and Control System
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
  • Other - utilizing standard industry protocols such as BACnet®, LonWorks®, Modbus®, Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX), Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control (OPC), etc.

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