Expandable Shelter System



Expandable Shelter System

Expandable Shelter System (ESS)

This system scales quickly from a sealed 8 feet wide by 20 feet long, rigid-sided shelter to an expanded 24 feet wide by 20 feet long facility with its own electrical and environmental support.

Mission ready 24/7 describes the Expandable Shelter System (ESS). It is a completely self-sufficient, modular platform. It is designed for rapid deployment via air, land or sea in response to an emergency, natural disaster, terrorist activities or similar situations. The type of situation dictates the type of facility required.

ESS gives you flexibility to configure the unit to meet a current need or application, as well as the capability to expand from 8 feet wide by 20 feet long to a 24 by 20 feet operational unit. In short, ESS is an all-in-one solution to cover a broad range of applications.


ESS is designed and can easily be configured for military, homeland security, law enforcement and commercial uses. Multiple ESS units can be connected via causeways, expanding usable square footage and functionality. The interior easily configures to meet your needs and operational requirement. ESS is one system with many uses: lab and analysis applications; personnel quarters; field kitchens; mobile medical and MASH units; communication centers; command and control; sleeping quarters; and more. ESS applications are limited only by the imagination.


  • Portable and Deployable
    ESS is designed and configured for rapid response. It is compatible with both long-haul and local mobilization via aircraft, ship, rail and vehicle.
  • Expandable and Modular
    ESS expands quickly from a sealed 8 feet by 20 feet rigid sided shelter system to 20 feet by 24 feet facility with approximately 400 square feet of interior work space. Modularity of design allows for interior configuration to meet changing applications and operational requirements.
  • Self-Standing
    The design of our ESS allows for it to be expanded without requirement for additional external support, a key point of distinction from other rigid-sided shelter designs currently available. ESS is self-standing and provides an internal floor load rate of 750 pounds per square foot.
  • Multipurpose Functionality
    The designed and engineered open floor plan allows customers to equip as necessary to meet mission requirements such as C4I, forensics, mobile medical needs, berthing, kitchens, etc.
  • Rugged Construction
    ESS is ideal for rugged and harsh environments. It is built to withstand up to 100 mph winds and torrential rains.
  • Secure
    ESS comes with access control devices to preclude unauthorized entry.
  • Tandem Connection
    Multiple units can be connected in tandem to expand and/or combine multiple operations at a single location.
  • Self-Contained and Self-Sufficient
    ESS is capable of supporting independent operations and to be self-sufficient in regards to electrical power, climate control, satellite communications and incorporates methods and tools to perform limited repair and shelter reconfiguration.
  • Adaptable
    ESS can meet both situational and geographical requirements. ESS is the only shelter that offers the optional Quicklock cargo restraint system to secure gear in transport as well as to secure furniture, equipment and other items in operational mode. Quicklock is the only system that provides up to 60 tie-down points/square foot in plate design. Quicklock strips can be single or multi-track and easily mount horizontally, vertically or on ceilings. The design is combat-proven in thousands of military vehicles securing everything from sensitive jamming equipment to miscellaneous gear carried by the war fighter.

Technical Specifications

Shipping Configuration

8'6" H x 20' L x 8'W

Expanded Shelter

8'6" H x 20' L x 24' (approximately 400 sq. ft. of work space)

Base Weight

17,500 lbs. (empty)


Up to 30 KW per shelter providing up to 110 amps at 50Hz or 125 amps at 60Hz

Emergency/backup power

Shore Power capable with 200 amp cable (single or three phase adaptable)


3 Ton 208/230 Volt 1 phase Environmental Control System

30,000 BTU capacity A/C unit

18,000 BTU of heat strips

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