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Environmental Services and Performance

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Environmental Services and Performance

Our greatest contribution to environmental stewardship is through innovative and responsible solutions we provide to our customers.

Leidos has more than 40 years of energy, environment, and critical infrastructure experience. We have been a pioneer in the efficiency program for more than 30 years, continuing to lead the energy efficiency industry with our innovations today. Our energy solutions advance the nation’s need for clean, reliable, and secure energy. Leidos is also a leader in the environmental engineering space, with solutions ranging from planning through implementation, public participation, regulatory compliance, data management, and site remediation.

We have delivered innovative solutions for more than four decades to build a legacy of excellence for environmental services. Leidos has:

  • Been ranked by Engineering News-Record among the Top 10 federal environmental firms and Top 20 environmental firms nationwide
  • Completed more than 1,200 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) studies for complex and politically sensitive projects in wilderness, rural and urban environments
  • Completed more than 8,300 environmental restoration projects; 450 environment, health, and safety compliance and verification studies; and 550 hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste projects to date
  • Prepared the largest habitat conservation plan for aquatic resources in the United States
  • Collected more than a quarter million environmental samples for testing and analysis
  • Performed analytics on nearly 10 million environmental sample results

Our energy solutions are equally notable. Leidos has:

  • Been ranked by Engineering News-Record as a Top 10 Program Management Firm
  • Helped utilities save more than 700,000 net megawatt hours annually through our energy efficiency services, equivalent to 55 million gallons of gasoline or enough to power more than 66,000 homes
  • Provided more than 1 billion in incentives from 41 energy efficiency programs
  • Reviewed 550 renewable energy and 150 biofuel projects across six continents, with energy capacity in excess of 35,000 megawatts over the last two years

Highlighted in this report are just a few projects that demonstrate why we have been an industry leader in energy and environment for more than four decades.

Energy Efficiency


ActOnEnergy® Business Energy-Efficiency Program
Ameren Illinois


Statewide Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resource Program
State of Wisconsin Focus on Energy


Enterprise-Wide, Real-Time Energy Commissioning Services
General Motors


Reducing Hawaii’s Energy Use - Hawaii Energy Program
Hawaii Public Utilities Commission


Environmental Sciences and Engineering


Legacy Mining Contamination
Navajo Nation


Energy Consumption Data
Energy Information Administration


Community Outreach and Environmental Assessments
West Tennessee Solar Farm


Integrated Natural Resource Management and Support
U.S. Air Force Base Eglin

Industry Recognition

Leidos, and the solutions we deliver, are consistently recognized by customers and the media. Learn more by visiting https://www.leidos.com/about/rankings-awards.