Ethics and Compliance


Ethics & Corporate Responsibility

Ethics and Compliance

  • Compass for Ethics and Compliance
    Compass for Ethics and Compliance
    Compass for Ethics and Compliance

    At Leidos, we take every report seriously and have zero tolerance for retaliation of any kind against individuals who, in good faith, raise questions or report concerns.

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Ethics and Compliance

We set the highest professional and personal expectations.

GRI™ G4 Indicators reported in this section:

General Standard Disclosures

Specific Standard Disclosures
LA: 15-16
SO: 4, 8
PR: 8

Leidos is known throughout industry for maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior. The combination of robust policies, procedures, training and communications creates a comprehensive program, touching every aspect of employee conduct.

We have a strong history of performance that rests on our foundation of integrity. This foundation supports an environment where ethics and compliance is everyone's responsibility. Leidos employees proudly reflect these standards through their work and interactions. Managers at all levels must model the behavior they expect from their teams and reinforce those values to promote a strong ethical culture within their organizations.

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Ethics Program
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