Penetration Testing

Do you know for certain whether your networks, devices and applications are secure and reliable? Our team makes us a leader in penetration testing and security assessments.

Penetration tests determine the extent of your network's exposure to external or internal attacks and assess the effectiveness of your security measures by attempting to exploit discovered weaknesses following our proven methodology. All testing is carefully controlled by authorized Rules of Engagement (RoE) and is conducted in a manner that avoids outages and maintains data integrity.

By adhering to the practices of white hat and ethical hacking, we review networks and applications from the perspective of an attacker and use our tools and expertise to discover security weaknesses that could lead to a loss of information confidentiality, integrity, or availability. We offer:


  • Vulnerability Assessments: Our goal is to identify known vulnerabilities in networks, applications, and their resident environment using commercial and open-source tools and applying our expertise to interpret the findings for our clients.
  • Penetration Testing: Beyond a vulnerability assessment, penetration testing includes manually testing identified vulnerabilities using known exploits, custom scripts, and other tools to simulate the activities of an attacker. We perform black box (no knowledge), white box (system knowledge, credentials), or grey box (some knowledge) testing to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Scenario Testing: We develop scenarios of interest to help clients assess their cybersecurity capabilities, such as detection and response, in addition to identifying vulnerabilities.


Our testing and assessments cover a variety of networks, systems, and environments, including:

  • External networks to simulate the activities of an unknown attacker
  • Internal networks to simulate the activities of a trusted insider or malware-controlled systems
  • Wireless systems to assess how an attacker can exploit wireless connections
  • Web applications and backend systems to test against common exploits that lead to the loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of critical data
  • Mobile applications and backend systems to identify exploitable vulnerabilities across the application, operating system, and device layers that could compromise data security
  • Specialized devices (medical devices, smart meters, etc.) to identify vulnerabilities
  • Physical security to identify how an attacker could gain access to offices and data centers
  • Social engineering to test security awareness, access controls, and related processes


We thoroughly documented our methods, findings, and results to help our clients follow up on the identified issues. We have been performing security testing and assessments for the last 15 years, encompassing experience with a variety of evolving standards, technologies, and regulations.


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