Smart Grid Select™

Select a best-fit smart grid deployment.
Focus on your utility operations.

We recognize that electric, water, and gas utilities across the United States face radical operational change as they transition legacy infrastructure to a communication-enabled grid. To help navigate the magnitude and complexity of a smart-grid initiative, many utilities rely on a managed service provider for program management and implementation support and operations integration. To assist utilities with grid modernization, Leidos developed Smart Grid Select (SGS), a full-service, turnkey solution with unmatched solutions for every stage of smart grid deployment. We help utilities understand the core scope and benefits of smart grid, and then can design and deliver a complete, out-of-the-box solution that allows utilities to focus on their core business instead of integrating and managing new technologies.

Leidos provides utility customers with strategic advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) management solutions to help achieve the best business results for the entire scope of a utility’s needs.

Leidos offers an industry leading, Next-Level Analytics package designed to help utilities quickly, flexibly, and cost effectively join and analyze “big data” to identify hidden relationships and forward-looking trends.

We use GIS data and a proprietary understanding of energy flow through a distribution network to improve input data quality, analytics, and ultimately, operational returns.

Leidos brings an unmatched cybersecurity viewpoint to smart grid planning and deployment and can also provide on-going threat detection, deterrence, and mitigation services.

We offer the online portals where utilities can engage with customers and allow them to obtain a sense of actionable intelligence and control, creating an overall improved service and sense of empowerment.



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