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Command & Control (C2)

We deliver the next generation of cohesive mission command solutions that enable decision-making functions for defense, intelligence, and the DHS.

C4ISR Soliders

Distributed Command and Control Framework (DC2F)

DC2F is a highly efficient software platform designed to reduce development time while increasing interaction with the warfighter. This enhanced software development process allows for maximum flexibility to make real-time changes to support evolving mission requirements.

Mission Planning System (MPS)

International Aircraft Mission Planner

A customized aviation mission planning system designed for international customers operating a wide array of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. The system uses intuitive menus that follow the logical workflow of flight operations, tailored to meet each customer’s unique mission requirements.

chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) Models

CBRNE Effects Models

The Joint Collaborative Analysis Model (JCAM) provides a net centric collaborative environment for near real-time analysis of the impact of CBRNE events on military operations and National and Foreign civilian and military populations.

Mission Planning System (MPS) Manager

Strategic Mission Planning Systems

Leidos develops four of U.S. Strategic Command's primary strategic C2 planning systems. The Aimpoint Construction System (APCS) processes the creation of aimpoints for strategic weapon application. Attack Structure Manager (ASM) system or builds and manages the hierarchical plan structures.

Tactical Data Links

Tactical Data Links

A Tactical Data Link (TDL) enables the rapid delivery and exchange of information between command and control and its defence platforms within Land, Air and Maritime domains.



USAF Air Operation Center Modernization

The Airspace Management Application-Airspace Information Services (ASMAASIS) provides AOC managers modernized airspace management and tools. Request for Information Services for Command and Control (RISC2) enables superior request tracking, auditing, and handling capabilities for the AOC.

Positive Train Location

Positive Train Location

The Leidos PTL solution provides real-time, sub-meter tracking information through a broad range of operational environments, including those without Global Navigation Satellite (GNS) services. The system provides users with precise position data, including end-of-train and track discrimination information, to enhance safety and overall operational efficiency.

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