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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about Leidos’ Memoranda of Insurance.

A Memorandum of Insurance (MOI) provides online access to information about a company's insurance program, including: coverages maintained, policy numbers and effective dates, limits, and insurer identification.

Yes. An MOI is an acceptable method to evidence current insurance coverage information since it provides substantially all the same information as a certificate of insurance and perhaps for some certificate holders, even more information.

An MOI does not show the certificate holder's name and is not signed by the insurance underwriter or broker. An MOI also does not contain the standard cancellation wording since an MOI is available online 24x7 (subject to web site maintenance and when information is being updated at renewal dates or anytime there is a major change in policy coverage, term or insurance company), enabling verification at any time that the contractually required policies of insurance are in effect.

Yes. The MOI may be printed and filed, just as you would file a certificate of insurance.

  • They are available to view and print at any time (subject to website maintenance and when information is being updated).
  • Reduces the paperwork, phone calls, emails and faxes involved in obtaining paper certificates directly from Leidos.
  • We are able to more efficiently provide you with additional information about our insurance program, such as copies of policy endorsements granting Additional Insured status and granting waivers of subrogation where required by contract terms and conditions.

Today's technology, particularly the Internet, provides us the opportunity to simplify and enhance how we evidence insurance information to our customers. After careful consideration and review, it was apparent that the use of our website and MOIs will increase the efficiency of our operations by eliminating the significant time and resources required to manually issue over 5,000 certificates of insurance a year to you, our valued customers. Just as important, this change will also increase the efficiency of your operations by providing you with more timely and efficient insurance information that evidences our compliance with agreed to insurance-related contract terms and conditions.

Please contact your Leidos or Leidos Subsidiary Contract Representative directly or contact us.