Data Analytics

Big data is, expectedly, big, but what makes it interesting is the ability to turn it into something manageable. The difficulty in obtaining big data, is the data sets are so incredibly large, that traditional data management systems simply cannot process the information.

Data analytics, the ability to capture, manage, and analyze such large and complex data sets, could allow for improved decision-making and business practices as well as tailored products and services in many different industries and fields.

With the explosion of social media and online news sources, scientists are pioneering research focused on understanding trends in human behavior. Large data sets of open source information provide a window into the underlying behavioral patterns of individuals, groups, and nations. Creating and exploiting computational social science models helps to turn these large data sets into actionable intelligence.

Leidos is creating analytical tools that improve the speed, quality, and predictive powers of this analysis. These tools will help find trends, recognize patterns, identify potential causes, and forecast the future. The ultimate goal is to provide analysts an enhanced vision to help avoid surprise, understand the present, and shape the future.