• San Diego International Airport Ticket Lobby
    San Diego International Airport Ticket Lobby
    San Diego International Airport Ticket Lobby

    Leidos supplied the San Diego International Airport with designing, installing and commissioning systems to help improve the airport’s day-to-day operations and management.

Critical Infrastructure Systems


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Keep pace with evolving communication technologies.
Safeguard command, control, and operations systems.

Leidos offers a customized solution that helps clients update aging infrastructure with the latest smart technologies and integrate the data it generates across all departments to better inform citizens and employees.

Leidos specifies, procures, and configures the cables, wires, and other equipment necessary to power your network.

We offer a single hybrid network that enables utilities to automate their entire distribution grid and oil and gas corporations to automate their exploration and production, pipeline, and retail distribution territories with a high penetration of low-cost connected assets.

We tap our deep domain knowledge to create seamless audio, video and visualization technologies for large-scale collaboration, distributed learning, and mission operations and control environments.

Our industry experts design and install POL systems that help organizations alleviate the power, space, cooling, and bandwidth limitation issues that have been a burden to the IT market for years, while optimizing their networks for the future.

Leidos end-to-end industrial cybersecurity consulting and monitoring services have been designed from the ground up to track, remediate, and protect against the last sophisticated critical digital asset and industrial security threats.

We design custom security solutions using an integrated, holistic approach that streamlines monitoring requirements and increases overall situational awareness so customers can respond to incidents quickly and efficiently.