Passive Optical LAN (POL)


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Increase network reliability.
Enhance your security posture.

Leidos has four decades of experience designing and installing Passive Optical LAN (POL) systems for a diverse client base, including the first POL installation ever deployed. POL converges voice, video (RF or IP), data, security cameras, wireless antennas, and building management sensors over the same strand of single-mode fiber. Because POL scales easily, it supports from 50 to 50,000 or more end-point devices. Implementing POL means that fewer trained IT professionals are required to maintain the network, reducing IT operations and maintenance costs by up to 50 percent. We work with many Gigabit Ethernet PON (GPON) and Ethernet PON (EPON) hardware and infrastructure manufacturers to develop the best custom solution that meets unique customer needs for their new construction or renovation projects.

Services include:

  • Complete integration services
  • Consulting
  • Maintenance
  • Passive Optical LAN training and certifications for cabling installers and system administrators