Hybrid Technology Networks


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Advance your network infrastructure.
Grow your situational awareness and system control.

Leidos offers a turnkey design and implementation service to integrate your existing network infrastructure with a single hybrid network overlay. This allows you to cost-effectively cover your territory with sensors and automation enabling enhanced situational awareness. This connectivity allows you to leverage the latest technologies, while reducing your field personnel requirements and increasing the amount and speed of information collection. Any supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) assets, including stranded and power constrained assets, can now be connected and integrated with the latest applications, while providing a return on investment (ROI) that meets your business requirements.

Services include:

  • Network planning and design
    • Radio frequency (RF) propagation modeling
    • Network architecture and design
  • Heterogeneous network technologies
    • Passive optical networks (PON)
    • Low-power wide area networks (LPWAN)
    • High-availability core networks
  • Turnkey application engineering and delivery
    • Application customization and integration
    • Network construction and legacy systems integration
    • Project management of field asset deployment/management