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Intelligence Services

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Intelligence Services

We provide a wide-variety of low cost, highly effective solutions and services to the intelligence community and DoD as well as federal and civil customers, leveraging our extensive experience in the intelligence tradecraft.

ISR CrossCue

ISR CrossCue (IXQ)

IXQ is an automated collaboration tool that allows warfighters and analysts to rapidly obtain critical expertise across the intelligence community. IXQ harvests analytic activity data from intelligence production systems to form a high-fidelity profile of the unique skillsets and expertise of each analyst.

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Global Monitoring Planning System

Global Monitoring and Planning System (GLIMPS)

The GLIMPS provides accurate, global forecasts on turbulent environments, focused on providing the information needed to adapt to changing needs. GLIMPS technology forecasts the effects of poverty, political instability, and social tensions through big-data mining.

Social Media Open Source Internet Analytical Solutions

Social Media and Open-Source Internet Analytical Solutions

Leidos provides customers with access to a wide range of online media using advanced analysis tools to identify under-the-surface insight from digital content. We scale our service to meet customer demands, targeting only the sites, accounts, and relevant topics needed to save time and money.

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Prodigal Insider Threat Detection

PRODIGAL (Insider Threat Detection)

Researchers at Leidos have developed a suite of advanced anomaly detection algorithms that can detect and combine the weak signals that characterize known and unknown insider threat scenarios. PRODIGAL combines the results from its multiple detectors applying an innovative ensemble technique that provides the analyst with a single score for each user on each day.

3-D GeoPDF Technology

3-D GeoPDF Technology

The Leidos 3-D GeoPDF technology solution provides e-D elevation model feature presentation and decimation technology, as well as enhanced image noise reduction and decimation algorithms for various types of large imagery files, creating a smaller file footprint while maintaining high visual quality.

Intel Analysis Training

Intel Analysis and Training

Leidos provides training and analytical services to the Defense Department (DoD), the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Agency (JIDA), and Intelligence Community facilities both in and out of the contiguous states to support U.S. and coalition forces in Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (IED) operations and countering irregular warfare threats during our customers’ critical missions.

Multi-Source Intelligence

Multi-source Intelligence

We use our expertise in data fusion and analytics to empower our customers to create superior intelligence solutions capable of ingesting multi-source data while also reducing the time for analysts to spend identifying meaningful intelligence, utilizing advanced data collection algorithms, and delivering visualized and predictive analytics for a single version of truth to achieve mission success.

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