Leidos Alliance Partner Network

The Leidos Alliance Partner Network

Leidos suppliers are critical to the company and customer's success. Our Leidos Alliance members share our customer-focused commitments and encapsulate our mission to make the world safer, healthier, and more efficient through information technology, engineering, and science. 

The Leidos Alliance builds connections through partnership and collaboration that drives innovation, advances technology and builds efficiency. The program leverages the deep expertise of our supplier base and ensures every solution delivers customer mission success. These companies have demonstrated proven, low-risk solutions with Leidos and on their own that have a significant benefit to the customer.

The Leidos Alliance is comprised of three strategic levels:

Corporate Strategic Partners

Our Corporate Strategic Partners are true collaborators through joint investment, R&D, that have strong technical capabilities underscored with a well-established relationship with Leidos.

Technology Integration Partners

Technology Integration Partners are our close allies with innovative technologies and recognized expertise.

Emerging Technology Partners

Our Emerging Technology Partners are known associates with significant interest from the organization.

Why Join?

As the number one provider of IT services to the federal government, Leidos is able to holistically view the market and identify and partner with key organizations to help solve our customer’s challenges and reduce total cost of ownership.

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