Logistics Systems and Solutions

Integrating and optimizing the lifecycle of a system, platform, or operation includes planning, readiness, and sustainment through the implementation of enabling technology and data analytics. Leidos is a recognized market innovator, delivering integrated logistics support and functional logistics systems management, high performance, enhanced operational availability, cost reduction, and continuous improvement.

Leidos delivers products and services that sustain global, mission-critical logistics efforts. Accurate, decision‐ready data for system management is a fundamental requirement to successfully sustain logistical readiness in today’s fast moving environment of mixed fleets and systems, rapid changes, and intense competition for resources.


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Leveraging customer knowledge and experience
Understanding the customer mission and challenges
Adaptability to each customer’s unique business processes
Application of customer-driven processes to our enabling technology


Today, cost matters, and in many cases cost matters most. Leidos minimizes costs and logistics footprints through integrated logistics systems and solutions that optimize system readiness. Whether fielding thousands of life-saving warfighter vehicles in-theater (MRAP), operating the Army's largest retail munitions point, integrating product support for multi-OEM mission systems, providing fuels management systems, or managing our highways and transportation systems — we deliver better, faster, more affordable product sustainment.

Leidos’ sustainment processes and support technologies are ready to deploy, and our logisticians tailor them to meet your missions and objectives. we deliver better, faster, more affordable product sustainment.


– Business Process Reengineering
– Enterprise Planning
– Logistics R&D, Design
– Logistics Optimization, Analytics, Modeling
– Training Services (Operator, Maintenance, Mobile)


– Demand Forecasting
– Inventory Management
– Asset and In-transit Visibility
– Asset Management
– Provisioning
– Supply Chain Optimization


– Transportation Analysis, Engineering and Safety
– Intelligent Transportation
– Human Factors Engineering
– Operations Research (optimization)


– Deployment, Spares Distribution
– Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation (PHS&T)
– Freight Management, Container Management
– Retrograde, Reverse Logistics

Logistics Systems

– Logistics Application Development and Sustainment
– Enterprise Architecture and Integration
– Enabling Technologies (RFID, AIT, management and optimization tools)

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

– Performance Based Logistics (PBL)
– Product Support Integration (PSI)


– Field Management (Field Service Representatives)
– Fleet Management
– Operations and Maintenance
– Reliability, Availability, Maintainability
– Kitting, Installation and Integration
– Depot Maintenance, Repairables

Improved Decision Making and Operational Availability

Leidos’ technology solutions enable efficient management and support of platform or system fleets by simultaneously tracking location, configuration, and condition. Our enterprise distribution and asset visibility solutions optimally trade inventory and transportation costs to get the right parts to the right place at the right time.

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