Picture of VACIS IP6500 Cargo Inspection System

VACIS® IP6500 FullScan Integrated Cargo Inspection System

X-ray imaging, radiation identification and full-vehicle
scanning — a fast, integrated inspection solution


The VACIS IP6500 FullScan system is a powerful, practical solution for scanning cargo containers, trucks and other vehicles in high-volume operations. Its x-ray imaging and radiation scanning help security personnel intercept weapons, nuclear material and other contraband hidden in containers. It can scan entire vehicles, bumper to bumper and roof to tires, including occupants. And with its high throughput and small footprint, the system is ideal for seaports and other high-volume cargo facilities.


The VACIS IP6500 FullScan system provides a powerful combination of scanning features:

  • High-energy x-ray imaging can reveal contraband through more than a foot of steel. And with its low radiation dose, the system can be used in very limited space.
  • Material discrimination distinguishes light, organic material from dense, inorganic material.
  • Radiation detection can detect, locate and identify even heavily shielded special nuclear material (SNM) with a false alarm rate of less than 1 in 10,000 — meeting or exceeding the challenging ANSI N42.38-2006 standard.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) identifies each container as it is scanned.

The system quickly integrates the scanning images and data for each container in the system database. Security personnel at viewer workstations in nearby or remote locations can view integrated images and data for any container at any time.


The VACIS IP6500 FullScan system is designed for practical operation at busy facilities. Built for high throughput, the system can scan large numbers of containers in the normal flow of traffic at gates or other checkpoints, without requiring drivers or passengers to exit the vehicle. With its small footprint and low radiation dose, the system can be used in very limited space. And by identifying radioactive isotopes, the system can greatly reduce the need for secondary inspection.

The system's component technologies are now operating at ports, border crossings and other facilities around the world. The system is backed by our worldwide service organization, providing high-quality installation, training, maintenance and technical support.

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