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Digital Data Tracker

GeoRover Digital Data Tracker

The Digital Data Tracker extension includes GPS software enhancements to allow uploading to GPS receivers, importing/exporting GPS GPX formats, importing data from geotagging devices, and more.

The GeoRover Digital Data Tracker extension integrates a global positioning system (GPS) device and geotagged data with the commercial Esri ArcGIS for Desktop software (Basic, Standard, or Advanced). It provides geographic information systems (GIS) tools for easily importing track logs and waypoint logs from a variety of GPS receivers, including receivers that support GPS exchange format (GPX) files or GPS-tagged data, and displays these imported formats within the ArcMap component of the ArcGIS Desktop application.

Using the GPS receiver track log information, digital media (images, video clips, audio clips, text) collected in the field, can automatically be georeferenced. Track logs and georeferenced data layers are saved as shapefiles or can be added to existing feature classes in a personal or ArcSDE® geodatabase. The result is an interactive map display with links to field data or geotagged data that can be exported as a web page for easy geospatial information sharing. Specific waypoints or routes can also be uploaded to a GPS receiver.


  • Download track logs, waypoints, and routes from GPS receivers into new or existing ArcMap layers
  • Upload waypoints or routes from the ArcMap application to a GPS receiver
  • Support for Garmin® GPS receivers (serial and USB), GPX files, GPS-tagged data, Magellan® (serial), and NMEA GPS protocols. Also, supports popular Garmin nüvi® series GPS receivers
  • Automatically geolocates and plots digital media (images, video clips, audio recordings, etc.) by correlating the collected field data with the GPS track log information
  • Import and export track log, waypoint, route, and linked data to and from GPX files
  • Create and manage related offset (subject and collection) points by leveraging range and bearing information
  • Real-time track log with moving map display for GPS navigation includes heading and current coordinate readout
  • Convert track log points to lines
  • Use the Geolocation Wizard to georeference data using non-standard track logs, different time offset methods, and to set up real-time geolocation functionality with the real-time track log mode
  • Automatically plot geotagged data for display in the ArcMap application
  • Access georeferenced field data or geotagged data from maps and images with simple point and click
  • Add new points to existing geolocated data by clicking on display or entering coordinates (DD, DM, DMS, UTM, MGRS)
  • Add/change linked data (video, images, audio, documents, slides, spreadsheets, databases, URLs, etc.) using standard Windows Explorer interface
  • Export ArcMap display and layers into interactive HTML file with hyperlinks and user-defined pop-up labels


  • Significant reduction in GIS training required when processing field data for use in the ArcGIS Desktop application
  • Increases productivity by streamlining workflows when collecting field data and GPS data or working with geotagged photos and processing these data in a geospatial context
  • Faster more flexible interface to create GIS products from field collected data including geotagged photos
  • Works with a variety of GPS receivers and cameras
  • Proven performance using cost effective commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions
  • Support for GPS integrated devices allows organizations to phase in other technologies
  • All tools are fully compatible with shapefiles and geodatabase feature classes (personal, file, and enterprise ArcSDE)
  • Flexible data collection options:
    • GPS receiver and digital camera only (or other device) in the field. No PC or cable connections required
    • Real-time with tablet/laptop PC
    • GPS integrated geotagging cameras

The Leidos GeoRover software program is an Esri business partner, developer and value-added reseller. Special quantity discounts are available for eligible government agencies and educational institutions. Request a quote today.

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GeoRover software licenses, maintenance, and training classes are available on the Leidos GSA IT Schedule, Contract # GS-35F-116AA.

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