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Coordinate Viewer & Zoom Tools

GeoRover Coordinate Viewer
& GeoRover Zoom Tools

The GeoRover® Zoom Tools and Coordinate Viewer extension provides rapid map zooming and enhanced coordinate functionality.

The GeoRover Coordinate Viewer and Zoom Tools extensions are developed to work with the commercial Esri® ArcGIS® for Desktop software (Basic, Standard, or Advanced). The extensions load as toolbars into the ArcMap component of ArcGIS, providing rapid map zooming and enhanced coordinate functionality. Capabilities include flexible and robust coordinate parsing and searching, real-time coordinate display, and the ability to retrieve coordinates from the map.


  • Viewing window simultaneously displays up to six different coordinate system formats in real-time, based on cursor position, regardless of which ArcMap tool is being used
  • Copy any individual coordinate from map to clipboard with single-click or use coordinate lists tool to copy multiple coordinates
  • Options allow for user preferred coordinate format (structure) and display style (font, size, color)
  • Interface performs instant coordinate conversion between all supported coordinate formats: Decimal Degrees (DD), Degrees Decimal Minutes (DM), Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS), Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), and XY
  • Viewing window is resizable and can be docked to the ArcMap interface
  • Zoom to any scale and/or known specific coordinate location


  • Supports six different coordinate formats and any ArcGIS projection/datum
  • Coordinate parsing functionality increases productivity by accepting and outputting greater range of disparate coordinate formats
  • Includes embedded commands for full customization of ArcMap template
  • Coordinate list tool "batch" copying capability provides fastest possible means to export multiple coordinates from map to clipboard

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