GeoRover® Software FAQs

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about the GeoRover software product line including licensing, pricing, maintenance, training, and more.

GeoRover software products are a suite of extensions for the ArcMap component of Esri® ArcGIS 9.x and 10.x. GeoRover software products work in all ArcGIS licensing levels (Basic, Standard, Advanced). Currently, each extension is compatible up to ArcGIS® 10.5.

No. All GeoRover software products are commercially licensed software products that can be purchased directly from Leidos or through Leidos GeoRover software resellers (see FAQ #6 for more details).

  • Locus Track v4.0.3
  • Digital Data Tracker v4.1
  • RPF Tools v4.1
  • Range Tools v4.1
  • Coordinate Viewer v4.1
  • Zoom Tools v4.1
  • License Manager v4.1
  • License Server v4.0.2
  • GeoRover Mobile Application v1.1
  • GeoRover Mobile Desktop v1.1
  • FlexRT v4.1
  • Locus Track v4.0.3
  • Digital Data Tracker v4.1
  • RPF Tools v4.0.1
  • Range Tools v4.1
  • Coordinate Viewer v4.0.3
  • Zoom Tools v4.0.3
  • License Manager v4.0.0
  • FlexRT v4.0.1

Android platform version 2.1 or above is required for the GeoRover Mobile application to be installed and activated.

The mobile device market changes very quickly. Contact us for required mobile device information to use the GeoRover Mobile solution.

Please see the GeoRover Mobile Install Quick Guide for information on installing the GeoRover Mobile Solution.

Yes. Leidos is a member of the Esri Partner Network and can resell ArcGIS software and other Esri products in the United States only. Contact us for more information.

Yes. Most of the GeoRover software products, training, & software maintenance are available on on the GSA IT Schedule, Contract #GS-35F-116AA. To receive a GeoRover software quote, contact us.

Contact us for a list of current GeoRover software resellers.

Yes. GeoRover software, maintenance, and training are available on three pricing options:

  1. Commercial/International
  2. Federal, State, and Local Government (GSA)
  3. Academic (U.S. only)

There are also quantity based discounts for GeoRover software products and maintenance. Contact us for specific pricing details.

Yes. The GeoRover software maintenance program provides a cost-effective means to keep current on software updates, and receive technical support on GeoRover related issues or questions. Contact us for further details.

Contact us for software product pricing or a software quote.

If you have received a valid quote within 30 days, and are ready to place order by credit card or purchase order, contact us.

If your GeoRover Software Maintenance is active, you can reach our support team by email at georover@leidos.com or call 866-417-5322.

The license file is e-mailed to the Point of Contact in the contract award document. Contact the software manager for your organization to request the license file. If additional assistance is required, contact us with the details of your purchase order.

We work with each customer to ensure personnel are fully trained using GeoRover software. For users that have no experience with ArcGIS, we recommend 3 days to cover an introduction to Esri ArcGIS Desktop software and the GeoRover software extensions. For more information, visit the GeoRover Training web page.

Yes. GeoRover software products come with in-depth, self-instruction manuals.

To view these manuals, navigate to Start > Programs > GeoRover > User Guides.

Yes. GeoRover software can edit personal, file, and enterprise geodatabases. The GeoRover Locus Track extension is compatible with ArcSDE® geodatabases - thus it fully scales for the enterprise. You can take advantage of the Esri architecture while making it easy and intuitive using GeoRover software tools.

No. Nearly any digital camera will work with the GeoRover Digital Data Tracker extension.

ArcGIS 10.x is recommended to operate the latest GeoRover software products; the product extensions work in all ArcGIS licensing levels (Basic, Standard, and Advanced).

Yes. The GeoRover software maintenance program provides a cost-effective means to keep current on software updates, and receive technical support on GeoRover related issues or questions. Contact us for further details.

Yes. All GeoRover products support concurrent licensing. GeoRover License Server application (server) and GeoRover License Manager application (client) are supported on Windows operating systems and required to enable concurrent licensing.

GeoRover License Server uses Reprise Software License Management (RLM) client-server system, which transmits license requests over a TCP/IP network from the software application to a license server that controls license usage rights.

To receive information on converting licensing from single-use to concurrent, contact us.

Department of Defense & Intelligence Agencies

  • Route Reconnaissance
  • Site Surveys
  • Convoy Strip Maps & Recon
  • Patrolling
  • Fixed Site Security
  • Cordon & Search
  • Intelligence Plans and Collections

Homeland Security

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Anti-Terrorism Planning

Environment & Natural Resources

  • Environmental Studies
  • Natural Disaster Planning/Assessment
  • Maintenance & Repair Documentation

Real Estate & Property

  • House-hunting Trip Report
  • Property Survey
  • Commercial Facility Management

Law Enforcement

  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Surveillance Documentation

National Park Service - Forest Service

  • Assist parks in easily building GIS databases
  • Update national trail systems GIS layers
  • Field Studies with multimedia links

Academics - Universities

  • Geography, GIS, Geology, Archaeology, Biology, and Architecture Departments
  • Campus facility management

Travel & Expeditions

  • Log expeditions in a GIS/geospatial context
  • Document Travel in a multimedia geospatial context
  • Hospitality Industry - Sites to visit map with multimedia links


  • Multimedia linking of signs, intersections, exits, mile-markers
  • Conduct quick damage assessments

Utilities & Oil Pipelines

  • Field maintenance assessments of utility infrastructures and pipelines
  • Field assessments for placement of new utilities infrastructures and pipelines


  • Inventory assessments
  • Damage assessments after disasters

The Leidos GeoRover software program is an Esri business partner, developer and value-added reseller. Special quantity discounts are available for eligible government agencies and educational institutions. Request a quote today.

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Download a free trial of the latest GeoRover software:

  • RPF Tools 4.1
  • Create, display, and manage map indexes from any file-based source of raster product format data (e.g. ECRG, CADRG, CIB).

  • FlexRT 4.1
  • Interoperability tools for converting data between FalconView® and ArcGIS for Desktop.

  • Coordinate Viewer 4.1
  • Companion extension which displays a custom coordinate window with real-time coordinate display.

  • Zoom Tools 4.1
  • Companion extension which enables rapid map zooming and "go-to" capabilities.