GeoRover® Software Training

Learn about each of the GeoRover Software Products by experiencing the GeoRover Software Training Course. View the training agenda and pricing details for in-depth training.

Training is available for these GeoRover software extensions:

  • Locus Track
  • Range Tools
  • RPF Tools
  • Digital Data Tracker
  • GeoRover® Mobile
  • FlexRT
  • Coordinate Viewer
  • Zoom Tools

Overview of Training Course

Students will be taught a basic foundation in Esri® ArcGIS®, focused around the GeoRover Software tools. Students will use the GeoRover Software tools to:

  • Create and edit geospatial data on-the-fly
  • Import data into new or existing features
  • Create and manage RPF map catalogs
  • Export and disseminate data as HTML pages, Excel® spreadsheets, text, and customizable PowerPoint® slide shows.
  • Create Map-Packs to import and export GIS data from Android platform supported mobile devices
  • Import and Export data to and from FalconView® and ArcGIS for Desktop

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to utilize GeoRover Software Products to greatly reduce time required for common ArcGIS processes and to quickly create professional-looking products from spatial data.

Training Course Agenda

A typical GeoRover Software Training Course is three days in length, but is customizable based on individual requirements. The number of days recommended for training varies based on the student's previous experience with ArcGIS and the number of GeoRover Software Products to be covered in training.


Leidos Site Training (GeoRover Program Office)

The GeoRover Software Training Course can be conducted at the GeoRover Program Office located in Chantilly, Virginia. See pricing below:


GeoRover Instructor-led Classroom Training *



* Price for one day of training, up to five students. Classes larger than five students will require two instructors and the purchase of two units of training.

Customer Site Training

The GeoRover Software Training Team will teach courses at your facility upon request. Please contact the GeoRover Software Training Team for a customer-site GeoRover Software Training quote at

Additional travel costs will be incurred for travel time to and from customer site. Customer site training will also require that customer reimburse at cost for all travel expenses (transportation, lodging, per diem).

Training Contact

GeoRover Software Training Team
Phone: 1-866-417-5322

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GeoRover Software Support Hotline:

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Now Available!

Download a free trial of the latest GeoRover software:

  • RPF Tools 4.1
  • Create, display, and manage map indexes from any file-based source of raster product format data (e.g. ECRG, CADRG, CIB).

  • FlexRT 4.1
  • Interoperability tools for converting data between FalconView® and ArcGIS for Desktop.

  • Coordinate Viewer 4.1
  • Companion extension which displays a custom coordinate window with real-time coordinate display.

  • Zoom Tools 4.1
  • Companion extension which enables rapid map zooming and "go-to" capabilities.