GeoRover® Mobile

The GeoRover Mobile Application and Desktop solution brings the collection, editing, and visualization of field collected data to the palm of your hand.

The GeoRover Mobile software solution combines powerful desktop capabilities with the flexibility of mobile devices running the Android operating system. This solution streamlines and enhances the process of capturing, editing, and sharing field collected GIS data through a combination of robust and flexible interactive collection tools and Map-Pack import and export wizards.

The GeoRover Mobile Desktop provides the ability to package the data for use on your device. This tool enables users to import imagery, shapefiles, feature classes, and KML files. Users can also build point, line, and polygon feature collection layers to deploy pre-defined schema for field collection on mobile devices (phones or tablets) running the GeoRover Mobile application.

The GeoRover Mobile application is a program that resides on mobile devices that support the Android platform. This application can be used in connected or disconnected environments and allows users to edit and create features in existing shapefiles or feature classes. The Mobile application integrates both internal and external global position systems (GPS) and available Wi-Fi networks to provide current location data and to display map images from published Web Mapping Services (WMS).


GeoRover Mobile — Application

  • Utilize available network connections, including Wi-Fi networks, to display published WMS map layers
  • Add point, line, or polygon features to existing layers using interactive touch screen functionality
  • Supports editing of feature classes with coded value domains or pick lists set in layer schema
  • Take photos, including geotagged photos, or voice recordings with the mobile device or attach photos from the mobile gallery to point, line, or polygon features
  • Use real-time GPS location to create waypoints, track logs, and routes when connected to an internal or external GPS, including Bluetooth®
  • Move selected point or reshape a line or polygon feature with versatile vertex editing

GeoRover Mobile — Desktop

  • Create Map-Packs from existing raster and vector datasets and WMS connections
    • Choose an existing raster dataset as a base map layers such as: JPEG, JPEG2000, GeoTIFF, MrSID, ERDAS IMAGINE (.img)
    • Define WMS map layers to be displayed as a map image on the mobile device when connected to an available network
    • Include point, line, and polygon features from existing shapefile, feature classes, and KML files
    • Create new point, line, and polygon feature collection layers
  • Map-Packs allow vector layers to contain existing features or empty layer with predefined schema
  • Easily export layers from the Mobile application as shapefiles, feature classes or KML files
  • Save Map-Packs directly to supported Android mobile devices or choose to save to a specified folder location
  • Automatically reprojects imported data to WGS 1984 from its current projection


  • Works in connected and disconnected environments
  • Integrates with available GPS and Wi-Fi networks
  • Works with numerous mobile devices and tablets running the Android platform
  • Imports and exports data in formats compatible with the powerful ArcGIS for Desktop application
  • Easily collect field data, including geotagged photos and voice recordings
  • Complements existing GeoRover software extensions for the ArcGIS for Desktop application
  • Flexible licensing options include Single Use and Concurrent Use

The Leidos GeoRover software program is an Esri business partner, developer and value-added reseller. Special quantity discounts are available for eligible government agencies and educational institutions. Request a quote today.

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