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GeoRover Software Products

GeoRover® Software Products

The GeoRover software product line provides customer-focused solutions designed to increase the speed, efficiency and productivity of many common GIS workflows.

GeoRover geospatial software are commercial products developed as flexible and efficient tools to aid in the production and analysis of GIS intelligence. GeoRover products enhance Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri®)-based technology, and mobile technology providing improved data management.

The desktop extensions are designed and sold as "plug-ins" to the ArcMap component of Esri ArcGIS® for Desktop GIS software (versions 10.2 and above). The mobile-based technology currently resides on the Android operating system.

Product Line

Locus Track v4.0.3

Powerful tools for geospatial feature data creation, editing, and geospatial data fusion.

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RPF Tools v4.1

High-speed indexing, display, and management of large file-based raster product format (RPF) datasets, typically map and imagery data.

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Digital Data Tracker v4.1

Flexible GPS software tools that easily work with field collected data including data collected from geotagging devices and can support real-time GPS navigation.

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Range Tools v4.1

Geospatial feature data creation, editing, and ingestion of ring, ellipse, and arc feature data.

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Mobile v1.1

Mobile Application and Desktop solution brings the collection, editing, and visualization of field collected data to the palm of your hand.

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FlexRT v4.1

Interoperability tools for converting data to and from the FalconView® and the ArcGIS® for Desktop applications.

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These products are included with the purchase of any of the core products listed above:

Coordinate Viewer v4.1

Custom coordinate window with real-time coordinate display.

Zoom Tools v4.1

Rapid map zooming and "go-to" capabilities.

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Imagery in screenshots is courtesy of ArcGIS Online World Imagery. Source is Aerials Express (AEX).


GeoRover software tools specialize in the following:

  • Data Import — Import wizard rapidly and flexibly ingests non-spatial data with coordinates from many different sources (spreadsheets, text, databases) and in many formats into ArcGIS.
  • Field Data Collection / Visualization — Plot routes and collected field data as layers in ArcGIS. Field data is collected with commercial GPS receivers and other components (digital cameras, voice recorders).
  • Data Creation/Editing — Easy to use, interactive interface within ArcMap for creating and editing feature layers.
  • Data Export — Export wizard generates powerful products in standard formats (HTML, PowerPoint®; slideshows, Excel®; spreadsheets) from ArcGIS data.
  • RPF Display / Management — Raster product format (RPF) tools designed to optimize creation, use, and management of large, file-based RPF datasets including Enhanced Compressed Raster Graphics (ECRG), Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics (CADRG), and Controlled Image Base®; (CIB®;). Ideal for disconnected and operational users.
  • Full Motion Video Integration — Tools used to track and record multiple Full Motion Video (FMV) feeds inside of the ArcMap application for situational awareness. Allows users to the record platform, sensor footprint, and sensor footprint center point metadata from incoming video feeds into new or existing feature layers.
  • Mobile Collection Capability — Application on Androidplatform supported mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) that can be used in connected or disconnected environments. Allows users to edit and create features in new or existing feature layers.
  • Data Conversion between FalconView®; and ArcGIS platforms — Interoperability tools for converting data between common FalconView formats such as Local Point and Draw files and common GIS formats such as shapefiles and feature classes (personal, file, enterprise ArcSDE®). Option to apply FalconView Local Point symbology to point layers in the ArcMap application.


  • Significant reduction in training requirements for ArcGIS
  • Increased user confidence, greater acceptance of powerful ArcGIS
  • Faster, more flexible interface for Esri® ArcGIS® Desktop software
  • Improved support for ingestion of data into Esri ArcGIS Desktop software
  • Tightly integrated with ArcMap, fully compatible with geodatabase formats
  • Rapid export of GIS information into standard product formats
  • Superior management and display of large NGA RPF file based datasets (ECRG, CADRG, and CIB)
  • Share data between the FalconView and ArcGIS Desktop application
  • Field data collection
    • No proprietary hardware, works with equipment personnel already use
    • Minimizes burden, no connections in the field
    • Minimal post-processing
  • Mobile application
    • Works in connected and disconnected environments
    • Exchanges data between mobile and desktop platforms


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Download a free trial of the latest GeoRover software:

  • RPF Tools 4.1
  • Create, display, and manage map indexes from any file-based source of raster product format data (e.g. ECRG, CADRG, CIB).

  • FlexRT 4.1
  • Interoperability tools for converting data between FalconView® and ArcGIS for Desktop.

  • Coordinate Viewer 4.1
  • Companion extension which displays a custom coordinate window with real-time coordinate display.

  • Zoom Tools 4.1
  • Companion extension which enables rapid map zooming and "go-to" capabilities.

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