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Space Situational Awareness and Advanced Threat Detection

At Leidos, we develop innovative solutions in radar technology, electronic warfare, radiation detection, and ground sensing systems for advanced, real-time threat detection in operational environments.

Field Service Engineering

Field Service Engineering, Operations Support and Range and Radar Operations

We provide cost-competitive platform-agnostic logistics, range and radar operations, and systems engineering solutions to support global customers mission readiness. Capabilities include Deployed Support Operations and Training Services; Depot and Logistics Support; Logistics Support Analysis; Combat Systems Engineering and Integration; Mission Planning and Operations; Range Operations, Engineering, and Technical Support Services; and Upgrades and Modernization.

Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare (EW)

We develop EW technology to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum while denying the enemy access to it. Our research focuses on advancement of electronic attack, electronic protection, and spectrum/sensing and resource management. We exploit commercial off-the-shelf technologies with the ability to sense and adapt to a new or changing threat environment in real time.


Distributed Network Ground Sensing

We exploit breakthrough technology in micro-sensors and electronics to develop low-cost, networked ground sensors for ISR applications. We are experts in state-of-the-art ground sensing technologies; geophysics; design and development of very low size, weight, and power — cost, or SWaP-C, electronics and physics-based network data-fusion algorithm design.


High-Power Microwave (HPM) Ground-Based Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Pre-Detection System

The HPM ground-based counter-IED technology is designed for route clearance, convoy, and security control with the ability to successfully pre-detonate hazardous explosives at safe ranges.


Integrated Building Interior Surveillance System (IBISS)

The IBISS is a situational awareness tool for the warfighter that uses stand-off, through-wall radar sensors to reconstruct 3-D floor plans of building interiors, detect and track occupants, and display the composite dynamic interior situation in an interactive 3-D display.

Radiation Radiography

Radiation & Radiography

Leidos offers a variety of products to enhance safety and security in transportation, military, emergency response and other applications. This technology also meets the world's most demanding EDS standards, including TSA EDS, EU ECAC, and Israeli ISA.

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RTR-5 Portable X-Ray System

RTR-5 Portable X-Ray System

The RTR-5 is a next-gen portable x-ray system for detecting explosives, weapons and other contraband. Utilizing a computed radiography (CR) plate and a unique digital radiography (DR) scanning system, the RTR-5 supports rapid deployment in extremely tight spaces.

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