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Fingerprint Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Leidos Fingerprint SDK (LFSDK) is a C++ software “library” that provides a complete fingerprint encoding and matching engine that can be integrated into a user’s application or system.

While packaged for easy integration, the matching technology in the LFSDK has been incorporated into Leidos developed systems, including the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS), the Pakistan AFIS and a classified U.S. program. The SDK has also been incorporated into the Leidos IDHaystack℠, a flexible cloud-based multimodal biometric storage and matching service.

The LFSDK can be operated in both a 1:1 verification mode or in a 1:N identification mode. The LFSDK also operates in both the ten print and latent print modes. The software first takes a fingerprint image as input and provides as output a feature vector template containing the extracted minutiae and supporting associated data. The fingerprint matcher takes as input two of these feature vector templates and compares them to produce a score that indicates a degree-of-match.

The LFSDK is currently supported for Windows applications built using Microsoft’s Visual C++ V8 as a DLL, or dynamic link library, to allow easy use by other Windows applications. Other than standard Microsoft system libraries, there are no external dependencies. LFSDK is also supported for Linux applications built using GNU GCC on a Redhat Linux server. This also has no external dependencies other than common Linux libraries. In either operating environment, the LFSDK provides a highly configurable interface to support various user interaction capabilities.