Tactical Data Links

A Tactical Data Link (TDL) enables the rapid delivery and exchange of information between command and control and its defence platforms within Land, Air and Maritime domains.

For over 25 years Leidos has supported land, air and maritime military operations, defence organisations and government ministries around the world to deliver situational awareness and enhanced operating effectiveness of mission critical communication systems.  Our team of skilled operators and TDL experts assist customers across all aspects of the TDL lifecycle from acquisition, development, testing to simulation and deployment of our tools enable efficiencies.

Tactical Data Link Products

Our Tactical Data Link (TDL) toolset supports each aspect of the System Engineering process; from requirements capture, acquisition, test, integration support and implementation in accordance with the defined TDL Standards. We have the capability to simulate multi-TDL environments, record full network data and perform complex data analysis using manual and automatic techniques.  These products assist the full through life support of a platform from inception to decommissioning.


The Interoperable Systems Management and Requirement Transformation (iSMART) process provides the framework to manage through-life approach to achieve interoperability within the Military System-of Systems.

iSMART is a worldwide process used by Defence organisations for defining  common principles, processes, standards and documentation relating to through life support planning.  The Leidos eSMART tool is a single integrated software environment providing the power to deliver the iSMART process. The toolset provides a full capability ensuring interoperability assurance whilst assisting customers implement and manage the interoperability process. eSMART considerably reduces the time and effort required during the acquisition phase to define, verify and validate the requirements for new or legacy platform implementations


The Message Analysis and Data Reduction for the Integration of Links (MANDRIL) complements the iSMART/eSMART process and it is widely regarded as the de facto standard for interoperability analysis.   MANDRIL is designed to manually and automatically interpret and analyse message data flows within Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, VMF and JREAP.  MANDRIL utilises the power of Microsoft Excel to analyse all aspects of a TDL network and provides textual graphical replay capabilities in both 2D and 3D. 

MANDRIL also provides the capability through the Flywire application to connect to CIVET our post test analysis tool and display graphical representation of the real-time message out from Link 11 and Link 16.


The Combined Interoperability and Validation Evaluation Tool (CIVET) is a real-time software application that automatically detects, identifies and summarises inconsistences between Link 16 messages transmitted by a platform.  Working alongside MANDRIL, the tool minimises the fault investigation effort thus saving the user time, effort and money.  CIVET is able to interface to all commonly used MIDS/JTIDS terminal types  A, B, D, F, G, I , J & N.  CIVET also incorporates a NATO SIMPLE interface (server or client) and MIL-STD-3011 JREAP C interface.


The Portable Unit for MIDS Analysis (PUMA) tool is specifically designed to interface to a MIDS LVT’s dedicated Ethernet engineering support port and can therefore offer MIDS/Link 16 TDL field service engineers, integration/system engineers a powerful capability that is physically and functionally independent of a MIDS LVT’s host data-bus interface.  PUMA enables users to assess and record the content of MIDS LVT internal Data Transfer Blocks, registers and memory locations for system performance and diagnostics purposes, which in addition can be loaded into MANDRIL for post exercise analysis.


The Tactical Integration and Exercise Replayer (TIGER) is a multi-TDL simulation tool (link 11, 16 and 22) that provides the capability to design and utilise a multi-TDL scenario.  Extensively used throughout the world the tool is supported by training and documentation and has the ability to simulate all platform types in supporting the full range of TDL development, testing and integration activities.

Operating in a Live mode connected to equipment operating in live networks or standalone mode simulating message traffic, TIGER comprises a comprehensive and integrated suite of applications that enable the development of complex, dynamic and interactive simulations of TDL message exchanges in Link 11, Link 16 and Link 22, maximizing efficiency, while aiding in satisfying test environment requirements. 

Tactical Data Link Services

As an industry leader our expertise assures our customers of impartial, high quality training, technical and operational project management and consultancy in the fields of joint and combined C4ISR data link communication and intelligence operations.


In conjunction with the training that accompanies our tools we also provide tailored training packages on Link 11/11B, Link 16, Link 22, VMF, JREAP as well MIDS Integration and Testing, multi-link network planning design and delivery to ensure that your team are properly equipped to meet the rigorous demands of today’s TDL environment


As an industry leader our expertise assures our customers of impartial, technical and operational project management in the TDL domain.  Through our broad and detailed experience supporting national and multi-national integration projects, we have developed best practices into the iSMART process which fully supports TDL requirements capture in achieving maximum platform interoperability (IO).

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