CEO pledge to end opioid addiction

CEO pledge to end opioid addiction

Roger Krone urges private sector to act 

Leidos Sponsored Segment: 'A Call to Action' on the Opioid Crisis

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CEO pledge to help end opioid addiction

The conversation around solving America’s opioid problem is centered on public policy, but the private sector holds considerable levers of power. Unfortunately, we have not yet seen significant mobilization in the private sector.

Why pledge?

The scale and urgency of the opioid epidemic are alarming. Many experts believe it is the worst drug crisis in U.S. history. Drug overdose is now the leading cause of unintentional death in our country. Millions suffer from non-fatal opioid use disorder, and countless more will suffer if trends continue. 

Ending this crisis will require our nation’s business leaders to take action. Private businesses can mobilize resources and respond quickly. We can initiate response efforts through volunteerism, and focus charitable dollars at our discretion. This money can go toward prevention efforts and partnerships with nonprofit organizations. We can also affect change on the treatment side through employee assistance programs and prescription drug plans. Finally, we can harness American brain power, entrepreneurship, and innovation from the private sector to present new ideas and invent solutions.

Everyone has a role to play when facing an epidemic. Our campaign asks CEOs to sign this pledge as a starting point toward saving lives. Pledge today, and turn your commitment into action in your local communities. 

The Pledge