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Change Your Password

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Change Your Password

To change your password, choose the method below that best suits you. Use the How to guides for changing your password for additional support changing your password.

  • On a Windows Computer and on Leidos Domain/Network use: CTRL+AL+DEL
    Users on a Leidos Windows computer and connected to the Leidos network should change their passwords from their computer. Use this method if you are:
    • On the Leidos network at a Leidos facility and on a Leidos Domain computer
    • On the Leidos network through Leidos VPN and on a Leidos Domain computer
  • Off Network / Non-Windows users must use: Leidos Password Manager
    Users Off Network / Non-Windows must change their passwords using Leidos Password Manager. Use this method if you are:
    • A Legacy IS&GS user
    • At home using non-Leidos computer
    • At a customer site using a non-Leidos computer
    • Off the Leidos network
    • On a non-windows computer
  • Mobile Iron
    If you use Mobile Iron, go to the following link on Prism for instructions on how to configure it for your new password.

How to Guides for Changing Your Password

How to determine if your computer is on the Leidos domain

  1. On your computer, left click on Start Menu

  2. Right click on Computer, then Left click on Properties

  3. The computer's System Information screen will display. Scroll down to the computer name, domain and workgroup settings. See the highlighted field. If is present your computer is on the Leidos domain.

  4. If you are currently on the Leidos network and your computer is on domain follow the How to change my Password from Windows instructions.

How to change password using CTRL+ALT+DEL

This section provides guidance to change your Password for users with the Windows 7 operating system with a computer on the Leidos domain.

  1. Press the keys Ctrl+Alt+Del
  2. Select Change a password

  3. Enter your Old Password, New Password and Confirm Password

  4. Click the arrow

  5. Wait while the system changes your Windows Domain Password

  6. Please note: You may receive a notification depending on your encryption product

      •  If you have McAfee encryption, you will not receive a notification. Skip to step #7.

      •  If you have Symantec Encryption (SEE) you will be prompted with a notification for "Single Sign-On Password Synchronization". Click OK.

  7. Your password has been successfully changed. Click OK to continue using your computer.

How to change password using Leidos Password Manager

  1. Open a new browser window.
  2. Copy and paste the following link
  3. Input the following values:

      •  Leidos user name

      •  Do not change Leidos Domain under the Location field

      •  Displayed Captcha

  4. Click OK
  5. Click on Manage My Passwords

  6. You will be directed to user agreement: Check the box next to I agree and click next.

  7. Enter your current password, then click next.

  8. Supply a new password and confirm it, then click next. Follow our password requirements to reduce threats against easy passwords.

  9. You will be prompted with a success message if your password has been changed.

Need Help?

For any questions or issues, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Domestic: 855-9-LEIDOS (855-953-4367)
International: 00 + 1 + 601-460-2000
UK: 0800 999 5533
Australia: +61 (1) 800 LEIDOS (534 367)