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Technology-driven expat support for successfully navigating overseas assignments.

Mission statement

Navigating an unfamiliar culture is complex and emotionally taxing, particularly when you're far removed from familiar resources or remedies. ExpatGPS provides seamless support for every member of your overseas workforce — whether with a family on a multi-year assignment, a short/extended business trip, or on a rotational schedule, we have every phase of your journey covered.

The Program

ExpatGPS is a high tech, high touch program combining artificial intelligence (AI) and expert coaching to improve expat performance, while eliminating failed/compromised assignments.

The program begins with an automated personalized assessment that uses artificial intelligence to identify and prioritize the key issues that will impact an expat and his/her family based on an on-line interview matched to specific data from the anticipated location. The result is a customized, focused planning and education program designed to help the employee arrive at the job ready to begin work, and the family to arrive ready to face the issues in their new home.

The program provides end-to-end support, and includes the following:

  • Candidate Selection — Using international staffing experts and validated assessment tools, we help select candidates best suited to a particular assignment.
  • Pre-Departure — Cross cultural training, orientation, coaching and mentoring to help expats (and family) prepare and adapt. A dedicated GSRS support team provides support throughout the assignment.
  • In Country — Expatriate/Family Support. Regular communications for the length of the assignment. Our global network of mental health professionals assures quick response when the need — or a crisis — arises.
  • The Return Home — Repatriation Consultation and Preparation to smooth the transition back home and alleviate the reverse culture shock many face upon their return.

Our programs are tailored to the length, location and business goals of each assignment.

About Us

Our team of coaches, mentors, and support professionals have decades of international experience to assist assignees with the preparation and support needed for a successful overseas experience. Think of ExpatGPS as an extended warranty on your expat workforce, mitigating risk, improving your global presence, and enabling you to realize your international business objectives.

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