Medical & Health Related Research & Management

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Medical & Health Related Research & Management

Leidos accelerates the prevention, treatment, and cure of disease affecting our families, friends, and people all over the world. We have more than twenty-five years of experience providing scientific, technical, and business analyses for federal customers. Our flexible business model allows us to take on projects of all sizes and complexities. We place paramount importance on quality scientific and business management, high efficiency, cost effectiveness, optimal resource utilization, and technological currency. Helping to ensure efficiency, accountability, and high quality research from start to finish.

Our staff of scientific, technical, and support professionals have experience in a broad range of disciplines and areas such as disease research, vaccine and medical product development, and preventing the global risk from the spread of infectious diseases. We support programs by providing:

  • Strategic planning that supports real-time strategies for encouraging innovation and risk-taking, reviewing current projects, developing new ventures, and bolstering the organization's accountability and reporting enterprise.
  • Program and portfolio management including design and development of new programs, performing landscape analyses, exploring partnerships, and providing support during the drug discovery process.
  • Grants management process support from initial development through implementation and sustainability covers the entire pre-award and post-award cycle.
  • Development, management, implementation, and sustainment of patient and stakeholder programs. This includes Mentorship, Ambassador, and Consumer programs that support a patient-centered organization. Over the past two decades, our team has recruited and trained more than 3,000 patients, stakeholders, and/or consumers.
  • Ph.D. and M.D. level professionals provide Education and Training to scientists and patients/stakeholders using a variety of methods, including e-training platforms, seminars, and the social networking service Yammer.
  • Strategic communication support addresses the communication needs of all constituents using the most relevant tools such as social media, electronic and print material, videos, and exhibits.
  • Assessment and implementation of core systems regarding daily operations in the areas of finance, human resources, customer relationships, grants management, learning management, and Internet and intranet communications.


In an effort to streamline our processes, we provide the option of conducting meetings through ORION, a Leidos proprietary web-based review tool developed in response to our customers’ needs. ORION is used to coordinate pre-meeting, at-meeting, and post-meeting logistical and technical needs and allows reviewers access to documents through a centralized, secure web site. Reviewer surveys are completely customizable, allowing us to tailor reviewer input specific to the drug, device, vaccine, medical practice, or other grant proposal being considered. Additionally, ORION is used to conduct online virtual meetings, providing an opportunity to meet when travel costs or participant schedules are prohibitive to meeting in person.