VACIS XPL Passenger Vehicle



VACIS XPL Passenger Vehicle

VACIS® XPL Passenger Vehicle Scanning System

A compact, high-throughput, full-vehicle scanning solution for busy checkpoints.

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The VACIS® XPL system scans passenger cars and other light vehicles to help security personnel search for weapons, explosives, drugs and other threats. The system scans entire vehicles bumper to bumper in seconds as they drive through without stopping. Detailed images reveal even small items such as handguns, and color coding highlights explosives, drugs and other organic materials. The system's low X-ray dose allows drivers and passengers to remain in the vehicle while it is scanned, enabling the system to scan 150 vehicles per hour or more in the normal flow of checkpoint traffic.


The VACIS XPL system provides a powerful combination of scanning features:

  • Free-flow operation screens occupied vehicles at typical checkpoint speeds in non-stop traffic flow.
  • Bumper-to-bumper scanning gives inspectors a top-down view of every part of the vehicle.
  • High-resolution X-ray imaging helps inspectors locate weapons, explosives, drugs and other threats.
  • Material discrimination helps inspectors locate explosives, drugs and other organic threat materials.
  • Easy Match feature automatically compares the current scan with prior scans of the same vehicle to help inspectors spot new objects.
  • Compact system can be installed in a few hours in typical existing vehicle lanes.
  • VACIS XPL Mobile option lets users relocate the system quickly with no disassembly.
  • Remote, centralized image analysis can be performed nearby or hundreds of miles away.
  • Low X-ray dose complies with ANSI N43.17 dose limits.

Leidos is a world leader in nonintrusive inspection technology, with hundreds of systems installed for government and commercial clients around the world. Every VACIS system is available with our dedicated installation, training, maintenance and technical support.

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