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IDHaystack℠ (Identity as a Service)

The Leidos Identification as a Service platform, commercially available as IDHaystack℠, provides a biometric matching service that can serve as the core for any identification or verification system.

IDHaystack℠ provides on-demand, pay-as-you-go identification and verification services, all while reducing costs and increasing flexibility. As an integrated suite of reproducible sets of hardware and software, this turnkey cloud solution is designed to be deployed within any cloud environment or within a traditional networked client datacenter, and will provide a one-of-a-kind biometric transaction service.

Partners and customers access the IDHaystack℠ services via an Application Program Interface (API). The current IDHaystack℠ API provides all the building blocks for incorporating biometric matching as a service into a biometric system. The API are grouped by category – Enrollment Services, Comparison Services, and Information Services. The modalities currently available include finger, face and iris, with voice, DNA and palm planned.

With fast, low-cost startup and quick, accurate operational biometric matching, IDHaystack℠ opens the door to easily adding biometric matching to a range of business services.

IDHaystack Demo